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Israel discusses reopening its embassy in Egypt

Image of Israel’s embassy in Cairo, Egypt [ANONINTEL‏/Twitter]
Israel’s embassy in Cairo, Egypt [ANONINTEL‏/Twitter]

An Israeli security delegation arrived in Egypt on Sunday to discuss security arrangements to reopen the Israeli embassy in Cairo which was closed over security concerns at the end of last year, Arab48.com reported.

The Israeli delegation, which included officials from the foreign ministry and representatives of the security agency Shin Bet, met with officials from the Egyptian security services and discussed the measures which must be taken to secure the embassy.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported a senior official from the Israeli delegation saying: “The Egyptians are moving toward approving the requests our security people have made.”

If there’s a decision to return the ambassador to Cairo it will make both sides happy, but only when we see Ambassador Govrin landing in Cairo can we know it’s final.

Haaretz reported that both sides agreed on the security measures to be taken around the embassy and the residence of the ambassador, noting that the discussions have been ongoing for ten months.

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The Israeli embassy in Cairo closed in November last year and the Israeli mission returned to Tel Aviv on security grounds.

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