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Hamas: Egypt opens Rafah crossing in accordance with Sinai’s security status

Rafah crossing [File photo]

Egypt has repeatedly made promises to Hamas about improving the situation in the Gaza Strip, Aqsa TV reported, quoting a leader at the Islamic movement’s political bureau.

Salah Al-Bardawil, criticised the Egyptian authorities for not taking steps towards their promises to Hamas on easing the border crossing process for the Palestinians. Al-Bardawi’s remarks came during his his visit to Egypt accompanied by a delegation of Palestinian factions representing the National and Islamic Takaful Committee.

Al-Bardawil pointed out that some 17 projects for the relief of the Gaza residents were agreed with the Egyptian leadership.

He added that the Egyptian intelligence agency (Mukhabarat) has informed the delegation that the Rafah crossing won’t be fully opened until the security situation in Sinai Peninsula improves.

Israel’s Haaretz recently quoted Palestinian sources as saying that the Rafah border crossing will be opened permanently early next month after the completion of the security works, which started five months ago.

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The agency added that the works aims at fighting any “terrorist operation” for fear of “terrorist operations.”

Each Palestinian crosser, Haaretz noted, must provide the reason for travel, such as education, medical treatment, visiting family or obtaining a foreign visa.

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