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Egyptian authorities deny medical care to Al Jazeera journalist

August 29, 2017 at 12:35 am

Al Jazeera journalist, Mahmoud Hussein, has been denied access to medical care by Egyptian authorities at Tora prison, where he has been detained for eight months, despite the fact that he needs to undergo an operation.

In a tweet,Algerian journalist and Al Jazeera presenter, Meriem Belalia, stated “The administration of Tora Prison refuses to send my colleague Mahmoud Hussein, who has been detained for eight months, to hospital, despite the fact that his left arm needs urgent surgical intervention”

Al Jazeera confirmed that Mahmoud Hussein’s health condition has deteriorated following a fracture in his left arm two months ago and that he needs urgent surgical intervention.

Moreover, a medical report prepared by the prison doctors recommended an urgent surgery for Mahmoud Hussein because of a double fracture in the injured left elbow joint after a fracture in his left arm two months ago, but the prison commander is still delaying his transfer to hospital.

Al Jazeera also confirmed its willingness to pay for his treatment at any hospital. Egyptian authorities have detained Mahmoud Hussein since last December without trial, though there is little apparent evidence to support this. International human rights have condemned his arrest and said that it is part of the Egyptian authorities’ oppression of freedom of opinion and journalism.

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