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Israel evicts Palestinian family, hands East Jerusalem home to settlers

The Shamasna family, including an 84-year-old man, were in the midst of a legal battle to stop the eviction

A Palestinian family was evicted from their home in occupied East Jerusalem this morning after an Israeli court rejected the family’s claim that the land they were living on was different to the land claimed by Israeli settlers as having belonged to Jews before the division of Jerusalem into Israeli and Jordanian-controlled parts.

But the eviction was not expected to be carried out until after the Muslim festival of Eid Al-Adha, which ended yesterday.

84-year-old Ayoub Shamasna was evicted from his home in occupied East Jerusalem on 5 September 2017. Because of his disability he was carried out of the property on his chair.

84-year-old Ayoub Shamasna was evicted from his home in occupied East Jerusalem on 5 September 2017. Because of his disability he was carried out of the property on his chair.

The family had been planning to pursue other legal means to prevent the eviction and activist Eyal Raz, who is working with them, said they had obtained an order that prevented them from being evicted for seven days while they took the issue to the court.

“What kind of country is this?” shouted 84-year-old Ayoub Shamasna, who is unable to walk and was carried out of the home on a chair.

Israeli police escorted a group of settlers into the house as they removed the Shamasna family, some of whom tried to re-enter the building.

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“I know that the attorney is now in the district court but to be honest, it doesn’t matter. Once they took the house and they put three settlers inside, they would not take them out. I cannot believe it,” said Raz.

They evicted a family that has been here since ’64. Grandparents, parents, children. And they want to do the same with the rest of the neighbourhood.

The Shamasna family had been living in the house since 1964 but lost their fight to remain there in 2013 when the Israeli High Court rejected their appeals.

According to anti-settlement non-governmental organisation Peace Now, Israel announced four new settlements in the Sheikh Jarrah area of East Jerusalem in July.

All settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank are considered illegal under international law.


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  • This is very sad…no one’s home should be forcibly taken away from them or their family.

  • MisterSamsung Galaxy

    Israel, Turkey, China.
    All guilty of demographic colonialism. They must ALL be named and shamed.

  • Amyah Labrèche-Docq

    Looking forward that karma come back on them. They will not like that day at all… but I think that the rest of the world (except some of their american friends) will rejoice

  • robert affinity

    Wow fake news much. Let’s Recap the OTHER facts you’ve left out of your article.

    They never owned the home in which they live.

    It was Jewish private property UNTIL 1948 when Jordan seized it in he ethnic cleansing of all Jews from Jerusalem in 1948. Before that Jews were majority in Jerusalem.

    Jordan seized all Jewish property and RENTED the land to Arabs.

    The Jewish owners got ownership back AND let them continue to rent.
    They stopped paying rent.
    The Jewish owners let them live there for 5 YEARS while they refused to pay the rent (that they had paid to the Jordanian govt).

    The Jewish owners sold it to new owners who wanted to be paid the rent.
    After 5 years of rent-free living, the new owners took them to court.

    IF they could show they lived there since 1964, Israeli law would allow them to stay even without paying rent. But, they hadn’t. They only lived there since 1972.

    Finally evicted.