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Kuwait hands head of new Al-Jazeera channel to Saudi Arabia

Kuwaiti police [file photo]
Kuwaiti police [file photo]

Kuwait has handed over the Chairman of the new Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya channel to the Saudi Arabian authorities, Al-Rai newspaper has reported. Fayez Bin Damkh is a Saudi citizen.

It is almost two weeks since the Kuwaiti authorities raided the headquarters of the channel, which is due to launch soon, and confiscated its broadcasting equipment. According to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, the channel has been established without a licence.

Bin Damkh has described the channel, which was supposed to broadcast from Kuwait, as a “political” station that will restore the Arabs’ confidence in politicised television news and current affairs. Local media sources said that the channel’s promotional material was considered to be “interference” in the political affairs of the Gulf in general and Saudi Arabia in particular.

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  • DEADP00L

    Saudi Arabia invading Kuwait again? What else is Saudi Arabia going to attack Kuwait with? Kuwait did NOTHING to deserve this kind of treatment and never did. Saudi Arabia tried to invade Yemen, Qatar and Kuwait before, now it thinks to crumble Yemen, tried to crush Qatar and now it’s bullying Kuwait?

    End the GCC. It is clear that this ‘unity’ was always one sided and was just a pretext to attack the autonomy and sovereignty of Arab states.