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Palestinians in Europe conference launches campaign to stop Africa-Israel summit

September 5, 2017 at 2:07 am

The Palestinians in Europe Conference has launched a campaign across the continent to prevent the convening of a summit between Israel and 14 African countries in October this year in Togo.

The Conference said in a statement on Monday that it is following the preparations underway to hold the Summit with great concern, explaining that the summit if convened there will be serious political, security and cultural implications on the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom and independence.

The statement added that the Togo Summit will absolve the Israeli occupation of murder, forced displacement and the construction of settlements which is contrary to international law.

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The statement has also praised the position of African countries which refused to participate in the Togo Summit.

The Palestinians in Europe Conference explained that it was surprised by the Arab official silence on the Israeli suspicious actions in the African continent, pointing out that:

the Israeli occupation state seeks to fill the Arab vacuum in the African scene through projects that seem to be economic and developmental while have serious risks on the Arab national security which requires an urgent Arab move to implement the decisions of the Arab League to support the African Union member states.


The Palestinians in Europe conference urged the African countries which will participate in the upcoming Summit to reconsider their position as well as their relations with Israel.