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Qassam Brigades: Cement wall will not stop resistanceā€™s tunnels

Palestinian workers pray inside a smuggling tunnel between the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah on April 4, 2013. Photo by Emad Nassar

ā€œThe cement wall that the Israeli occupation forces have started to build around the Gaza Strip to prevent the resistanceā€™s tunnels will not restrict the resistanceā€™s ability,ā€ the Izz ad-DinĀ Al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement.

ā€œThe solutions and experiences by Israel over the past years have amounted to nothing in the face of the resistanceā€™s tunnels,ā€ it added.

ā€œThe occupation is still chasing a delusional mirage,ā€ referring to Israelā€™s latest announcement that it will build an over and underground cement wall with equipment to detect tunnels.

Hamas: Israel seeking to legitimise its crimes by claiming tunnels exist under Gazan houses

The wallā€™s effectiveness was questioned with the Brigades saying that the announcement is a media stunt from Israel to reassure the masses who feel unsafe.

The Israeli occupation forces have begun the construction of a cement wall along the border with Gaza a few weeks ago. It is expected to take a few months to complete. However, many believe that Israel will not be able to complete its construction due to its high cost, according to Israeli commentators.

The Brigadesā€™ tunnels were used to attack Israeli military outposts on the Gaza border during Israeli assaults on the Strip and many have become a lifeline for besieged Palestinians living in Gaza who are left unable to leave the enclave due to Israelā€™s crippling decade-long siege.

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    Just think what could be achieved if these men built homes instead of tunnels.