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Qassam Brigades: Cement wall will not stop resistance's tunnels

"The cement wall that the Israeli occupation forces have started to build around the Gaza Strip to prevent the resistance's tunnels will not restrict the resistance's ability," the Izz ad-DinĀ Al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement.

"The solutions and experiences by Israel over the past years have amounted to nothing in the face of the resistance's tunnels," it added.

"The occupation is still chasing a delusional mirage," referring to Israel's latest announcement that it will build an over and underground cement wall with equipment to detect tunnels.

Hamas: Israel seeking to legitimise its crimes by claiming tunnels exist under Gazan houses

The wall's effectiveness was questioned with the Brigades saying that the announcement is a media stunt from Israel to reassure the masses who feel unsafe.

The Israeli occupation forces have begun the construction of a cement wall along the border with Gaza a few weeks ago. It is expected to take a few months to complete. However, many believe that Israel will not be able to complete its construction due to its high cost, according to Israeli commentators.

The Brigades' tunnels were used to attack Israeli military outposts on the Gaza border during Israeli assaults on the Strip and many have become a lifeline for besieged Palestinians living in Gaza who are left unable to leave the enclave due to Israel's crippling decade-long siege.

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