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Israel calls on its citizens not to travel to Europe

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [MathKnight/Flickr]

Israeli travellers must avoid travelling to Turkey, the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau announced yesterday, calling on Israelis who are currently in Turkey to “leave immediately.”

The bureau warned the Israeli vacationers against travelling to Europe during the Jewish holidays season in anticipation of possible terrorist attacks that could be carried out by Daesh.

“Motivation of world jihadi organisations—including Daesh and other operatives inspired by them—remains high at this time to carry out terrorist attacks around the world,” the bureau noted.

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The Israeli travel warning included some Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan and Egypt, especially the Sinai Peninsula.

The Israeli bureau, which issues travel warnings ahead of most holiday seasons, warned that most of the terrorist attacks may be carried out in western countries, specifically in northern and western Europe.

The warning urged the Israeli citizens to stay vigilant in crowded places and public transportation hubs.

Hundreds of Israelis are expected to travel overseas during the parade of Jewish holidays – Rosh Hashanah and the Tishrei -which starts with the Jewish new year on 20 September and ends early October.

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  • joop jansen

    Most ordinary people have no idea of the abuses and WARCRIMES Israel commits on a daily basis, as most media is Zionist controlled. These abuses are carefully hidden by foreign media. Pregnant woman forced to give birth on the road at checkpoints. Palestinian fields sprayed with weed killer by Israel, olive trees dug up, some thousands of years old, homes sprayed with skunkwater, or randomly attacked with teargas. Children dragged from their beds at night by soldiers, taken to prisons, no access to parents, held indefinitely, no charge or trial. Small fishing boats targeted by gunboats, children being purposefully shot in the eyes with rubber bullets. Bringing Jewish emigrants from all over the world who are aided and abetted by soldiers when they break into Palestinian homes and throw the families out onto the street, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. This is why the Israel/ Palestinian ” problem” exists. The blame lies completely at Israel’s feet, the abuses that you know nothing about but are going on on a daily basis, no other people on earth have suffered so much for so long, over 2 million Palestinians dead since 1963, over 7 million Palestinian refugees all over the world, denied their right to return to their villages as Israel has flattened over 500 of them, they are barred their right to return. Israel has one of the worlds strongest armies, Palestine has no army, no navy, no airforce, all they have are stones. Against a regime that pretends to want peace in order to milk American taxpayers of billions every year.

  • There has been a growing number of attacks on Jewish communities in Europe, to be honest.

  • gogrrrl

    What utter tosh – Daesh has NEVER attacked an Israeli target – because it is full of, and run by, Israelis.

  • Fred Mace

    Good, we don’t need the fanatic criminals.