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Legal group plays down significance of anti-Qatar conference

Image of Qatar and Saudi flags [File photo]
Qatar and Saudi flags [File photo]

President of the Arab Lawyers Association in the United Kingdom, Sabah Al-Mukhtar, has played down the significance of a conference planned by opponents of Qatar today in London.

Al-Mukhtar said in an interview with Quds Press that “such conferences which aim at accusing some Arab states of terrorism do not harm these countries in particular, but rather harm the Arabs and Muslims in general, especially the minorities living in the West.”

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He regretted that there was an ongoing legal battle between Qatar and the countries imposing a blockade on the Gulf state in an American court, adding that he expects the official documents which will be used in the case to remain the public domain for decades to come.

In the past years, the UAE believed that with its money it could buy various media institutions and even political institutions in the West. It even looks at the news against Qatar in any American or British newspaper as a personal victory

he added.

The reason for the blockade on Qatar is “their inability to create a media channel parallel to Al-Jazeera”.

“Half a century from now, Al-Jazeera will continue to be a milestone in global media,” he said.

The Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference is scheduled to take place today.

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