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Fatah welcomes Hamas’ decision to dissolve Gaza government

Image of Azzam Al-Ahmed, a member of the Fatah Executive Committee [file photo]

Member of Fatah Executive Committee Azzam Al-Ahmed yesterday welcomed Hamas’ announcement to dissolve the administrative committee in Gaza, Palestinian mass media reported.

Al-Ahmed, Fatah envoy to the reconciliation talks with Hamas, said: “Long meetings held between the Fatah delegation in Cairo with the Chief of the Egyptian Intelligence Khalid Fawzi ended with an agreement to hold bilateral meetings between Fatah and Hamas.”

He noted that another meeting to follow including all the Palestinian factions which signed the reconciliation agreement in order to start actual measures to carry out the terms of the agreement, considering Hamas’ announcement a step towards ending the Palestinian division.

The Fatah official said “tangible” steps will be taken in the coming days, including the resumption of the Palestinian Authority’s activities in Gaza in order to end the suffering of the besieged people.

Early on Sunday, Hamas announced the dissolution of the administrative committee in Gaza and announced its agreement to hold general elections.

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  • gogrrrl

    Action, not words, Fatah. Hamas has shown its goodwill and disestablished the Administrative Committee – but Fatah has not matched action with action. They look more and more like the Israelis, who never honour any agreement. If Fatah does not do something immediately to demonstrate their good faith, then Gazans have NO reason to EVER trust them – or Egypt – again. The ball is in Fatah’s court – what’s the bet they just grab it and run home with it, and leave Gaza in the dust as usual.