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Hamas ready to receive unity government in Gaza, says Haniyeh

Image of Ismail Haniyeh [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]
Image of Ismail Haniyeh [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

Chief of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, said on Tuesday evening that his movement is ready to receive the Palestinian Unity Government in Gaza.

In a press conference held immediately after returning to the Gaza Strip from Cairo, he said: “To show Hamas’ seriousness to bring about reconciliation, we invite the unity government to come and assume its duties in Gaza unimpeded.”

Haniyeh added: “We are awaiting the next step to be taken by the government in Ramallah – to end the punitive measures taken against the Gaza Strip in previous months.”

The Hamas leader described his talks in Cairo regarding the reconciliation as “important and positive developments,” noting that the Egyptian government was eager to end the internal Palestinian division.

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“We have opened the door wide before [Fatah’s] decision-makers to take courageous decisions to unite the Palestinian people as our cause faces huge challenges,” Haniyeh said. “We are keen to end the siege on Gaza and we have exerted much effort to do this through the gate of the reconciliation.”

Haniyeh thanked Egypt for its role and support for the Palestinian cause and in ending the internal Palestinian division.

“This visit had positive results,” he said. “We discussed the stability of the Egyptian border with Gaza and stressed the importance of keeping them safe and secure because a strong Egypt is in Palestine’s interest,” he added.

At the same time, Haniyeh revealed that Hamas’ leadership in Gaza had met with the leadership abroad in Cairo and reiterated that the entire leadership in Palestine and abroad is “united and stronger than ever, despite all the political changes.”

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  • Mike Abramov

    Defeat at last. Hamas has tried everything since 2007 to prove that they had power and influence when really this was an opportunity to rape the Gaza Strip of all it’s assets and amenities. I hope and pray that the people of Gaza use this heaven sent opportunity to remove Hamas completely and unite with the more friendly Fatah. Only then will we see building projects, housing and utilities becoming available to the people.

    • JusticForAll

      pathetic comment.

      • Mike Abramov

        Thank you for your well considered and lengthy reply.

    • gogrrrl

      You mean the “more friendly Fatah” that has decimated the West Bank and overseen the DEMOLITION of thousands of Palestinian homes, the EVICTION of thousands of Palestinian families, and the imposition of POWER CUTS on millions of Palestinians in Gaza, not to mention the ARBITRARY DETENTION of huge swathes of Palestinian youth? With “friends” like that, who needs enemies….. Gaza HAD building projects, housing, utilities – but the Israelis repeatedly bombed them into oblivion – not Hamas, but ISRAEL, with the “Friendly Fatah” knowingly colluding and collaborating. When all the dust settles, I hope the “friendly Fatah” face the same fate as the “friendly French” did after 1945.

      • Mike Abramov

        Sir – I am afraid that although you might have sympathy for the Palestinian people, this does not make Hamas Palestinian friendly. Hamas has stolen billions of dollars from the people of Gaza, instigated two wars and in the final outcome their leaders took refuge in Qatar.

        Neither Hamas or Fatah have a good record but, this is because they do not fear their people. They are both dictatorships.

        Israel is not entirely innocent either, however there is a state of war in existence where rules are broken and lives lost. For this I am very sorry. The bottom line is that Arabs do not want a Jewish state in the ME and it has taken 70 years to get to this insane impasse