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Hamas insists that resistance weapons are not for discussion

September 23, 2017 at 12:27 pm

Members of the armed wing of Hamas in Gaza on 20 July 2017 [Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu Agency]

The Deputy Leader of the Hamas Political Bureau reiterated on Friday that resistance weapons are “not for discussion” during the talks about internal reconciliation with rival faction Fatah, has reported. Mousa Abu Marzook pointed out that the issue of resistance weapons had never been discussed before and noted that it was not even proposed to be on the agenda.

Such weapons, he added, are the property of all the Palestinians and their “guarantee” against Israeli aggression.

Stressing that Hamas wants guarantees for any elections, Abu Marzook said that it is also ready to share the responsibility with the Palestinian Authority and the other Palestinian factions for making decisions about peace and war. “This is a national issue and needs a national agreement,” he insisted.

Following the dissolution of the administrative committee in Gaza by Hamas, the senior official said, it is demanded of PA President Mahmoud Abbas to cancel all of the punitive measures he has taken against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and for the government to take up its responsibilities in the enclave. Abu Marzook noted that the PA is expected to respond to Egypt’s invitation to talk about all of the issues, including the Palestinian elections, reformation of the PLO and the Palestine National Council.

As far as the elections are concerned, he said, there are a number of questions to be resolved. Will they only be held in Gaza, the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, for example, and will there be conditions for the voters and the elected people in the future?

“Will the election results be accepted if Hamas wins again,” he asked, “or will it be banned from taking up its responsibilities?” He pointed out that the movement has not had any guarantees on these points.

He denied that there is a rift between Hamas inside Palestine and its members abroad.

Having just visited Moscow, Abu Marzook pointed out that the Russian government is keen to play a role in the Palestinian reconciliation. Officials at the Kremlin were briefed by the Hamas delegation about what the movement has done in this respect. He asked the Russians to try to undermine US efforts to blacklist Hamas. Russia, he concluded, does not take the same position as Washington on the Palestinian issue, and seeks to maintain good relations with all of the factions.