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PKK captures major gas plant in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor

Image of a gas processing plant [file photo]
Gas processing plant [file photo]

The PKK’s Syrian wing, the PYD, took control of a major gas plant northeast of Deir Ez-Zour province in Syria, according to a local source.

The US-backed group is advancing into the eastern Syrian province, home to some of the country’s most productive oilfields. There are 11 major oilfields in Deir ez-Zor from which the Daesh militants allegedly withdrew earlier without any shots fired.

Backed by the US, the PYD began advancing into Deir ez-Zor without encountering any resistance from Daesh on September 9th.

On Saturday, the PYD took control of Conoco Gas Plant, one of Syria’s main gas plants, located in Deir ez-Zor east of the Euphrates River near the border with Iraq, the source, who spoke anonymously due to fears of safety, told Anadolu Agency.

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Syria’s main oilfields are located east of the Euphrates, the largest of which is the Al-Omar oilfield.

The Al-Omar, Tanak, Ward, Afra, Kewari, Jafra, Jarnuf, Azrak, Kahar, Sueytat and Galban fields are all located east of the river. These are estimated to account for roughly one third of Syria’s total energy production.

Daesh, which held these oilfields for about three years, earned millions of dollars in revenue from their use.

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