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Eight Israeli soldiers commit suicide in nearly three months

Suicide rate rising among Israeli soldiers

The number of suicide cases among the Israeli army soldiers is “constantly” mounting, Hebrew reports have revealed.

Israel’s 0404 reported today that an Israeli soldier at the Hatzor military base, located at the southern area of the Palestinian occupied territories, committed suicide last night, as she fired a bullet at her head.

The incident is one of series of suicide cases that have been monitored during the past two and a half months, during which seven soldiers committed suicide.

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The Israeli police are currently investigating into the cases, the Israeli website noted.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson recently said that the last three years have witnessed an increase in the number of suicide cases among the Israeli soldiers.

In 2016, some 15 IDF soldiers committed suicide over the course of the year, according to The Times of Israel.

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  • DEADP00L

    You pay a price for the oppression and ethnic cleansing of millions of people, one way or another. You have to live with what you did to deny millions of people the right to self determination; while claiming you were the one seeking self determination. When you are actually the oppressor, the persecutor and the ethnic cleansing of not just Palestine but of Jews.

    I have no sympathy for such a virtue-less artificial state cosplaying as biblical when it’s just a concentration camp and a black hole where humanity is sent to its demise.

    • WomanPatriot

      You are so right, Deadpool…these atrocities by Israel not only needs to end but the State of Israel should be shut down and those Palestinian lands given back to their rightful owners…the Palestinians!
      We must however, keep in mind, those IDF soldiers are just as brainwashed from children as our US and UK soldiers are brainwashed as children by their country, to mass murder for the Global bankers and Multi-Nat’l corporations. Our world is truly in a very sad state when we think nothing of mass murdering innocent children. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

      • DEADP00L

        No it doesn’t and if must not. People die whether solder or civilian; while the politicians and diplomats continue to plot more wars and more ways to slaughter everyone. Why do we all comply? It should be the politicians and the generals that kill themselves and all ministers who indoctrinate human beings into hating human beings. Not us, not anybody else. Why do we insist on allowing our men and women in uniform to comply so mindlessly then cry foul when their actions rightfully haunt them?

        It all has to stop and whether we like ti or not, force will be the only way to do it. Politicians understand nothing else. Their violence is enacted against the masses through policy and military force. It has to stop. They have to fear consequences and there is no one policing our politicians, diplomats and protecting us all from them.

        • Art Vandolet

          What crock of BS. If after Israel left Gaza, the Palestinians used their new freedom and massive amounts of aid to build what could be a Mediterranean vacation paradise, rather than electing Hamas who then used the money to line their pockets, buy weapons and build tunnels to wage war, there would be no more occupation. Unlike the Palestinians who take pride in strapping bombs on their kids and proudly stating they love death more than life, the Israelis want to live in peace. Yes, their are fanatical settlers but they are a minority and if their expulsion meant two states living peacefully side by side they’d be gone. The Hamas charter speaks for itself. The Leftist chant that “Palestine shall be free from the river to the sea” speaks for itself. This obsession by the Arabs and the useful idiots on the Left is pure hypocrisy. Muslims commit far greater oppression against their own people and Arab citizens in Israel have far greater freedom than they do in Gaza.

          • DEADP00L

            Like How Israel leaves Syria, Jordan and Lebanon alone eh? Yeah right.

            You idiot, Israel never left Gaza, it CONTROLS its air, land and sea. It is an OPEN AIR PRISON of 2.5 million people. Dispute that all you want, you’re not there and you’re not a Palestinian; to even speak on their behalf, much less about what they are enduring. You’re not different than a German denying labor camps existing. So spare us your blatant attempt at understanding anything and spewing nothing but an echo chamber of absolute garbage state responded HASBARA propaganda.

          • Art Vandolet

            You sir are the idiot EH? You’re problem with Syria is Israel??! Israel has been treating victims of Assad’s horrific slaughter which you conveniently ignore. Eh?
            Or Hezbollah in Lebanon. Eh? As for Jordan, I have no idea what you are talking about and neither do you.

            Israel CONTROLS the land sea and air because Hamas continues to wage war and vows to destroy Israel. I suppose they should just let Hamas continue to get weapons from Iran so they can continue to fire rockets and build tunnels to kill their people. Read what I wrote moron. The Palestinians problems are the result of their own actions. They could have peace and prosperity if they want it. But far easier to blame Israel and have Leftist apologists like you continue to enable them by defending everything they do and holding them accountable for nothing.

          • DEADP00L

            You just exposed yourself for the HasbaRAT that you are.

            You’re welcome everyone.

          • Art Vandolet

            Call me whatever you want. Doesn’t make you any less of a pathetic hypocrite. The facts are what they are.

  • 8 in three months. That’s a tiny number. When compared with other armies, sounds pretty good to me. Doesn’t mean any more than the fact that yes, the IDF does have humans in it who have problems, just like any group of humans. But they are probably handling it better.

    • DEADP00L

      8 that were fatal. There are attempts that dont kill them and the % of hospitalized and institutionalized is higher than anywhere in the world.