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Major oil pipeline between Iraq and Turkey to bypass Kurdish region

Image of pipelines [Robin Drayton/Wikipedia]
Image of pipelines [Robin Drayton/Wikipedia]

Iraq and Turkey have intensified their efforts to isolate independent seeking Kurds by bypassing the region while re-opening a disused oil pipeline between the two countries.

The central government in Iraq wants to restore one of its oldest pipelines that run from Kirkuk in the Kurdish region of Iraq to Mediterranean port of Ceyhan in Southern Turkey. The pipeline was damaged in areas occupied by Daesh until Iraqi forces regained control of the region late last year.

Iraq’s oil minister, Abdul Karim Luaibi Bahedh announced in a statement today, repairs to the pipeline, which was once a key artery of Iraq’s oil export.

State-owned oil companies will begin a “comprehensive and urgent repair and rehabilitation of the crude oil pipeline from the Kirkuk fields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan” said Luaibi Bahedh. The oil ministry also announced that it was increasing its export through the pipeline from 250,000 to 400,000 barrels a day.

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The announcement follows comments by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi late Monday who asked all neighbouring countries to suspend commercial relations with the Kurdish Regional Government and work only with Baghdad instead, especially in the oil trade.

Since last month’s Kurdish Independence referendum Baghdad has been piling pressure on Iraqi Kurds to reverse the independence vote. It has taken a number of measures against Irbil, the administrative capital of Iraqi Kurdistan in the north of the country, including taking control of borders and a ban on international flights to and from Iraqi Kurdistan’s airports.

Iraqi central government has also taken control over all crude oil that the OPEC nation exports to Ceyhan saying that it has sole authority to export oil produced anywhere within in the country’s border.

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    See – Despite Syrian Governments Attempts to Unify Country US-backed Kurdish SDF Persist with Land Theft, by Sarah Abed, The Rabbit Hole (sarahabedcom), Posted on October 8, 2017, at – The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence, By Stephen Gowans, What’s Left, July 11, 2017; at – Kirkuk to be made capital of so-called Kurdistan: Declaring oil-rich Kirkuk as the capital of so-called Kurdistan and forming a joint army with PKK terrorists were discussed during a meeting attended by American and Israeli officials, with the ultimate aim of dividing Iraq, Editor/Internet, Yeni Şafak; September 26, 2017; at – Barzani supports Daesh established by US, Israel: An Iraqi intelligence document dated from 2001 establishes that CIA and Mossad established the core of Daesh and Barzani supported this and met with Bernard Henry Levy, Editor/Internet ,Yeni Şafak, October 05, 2017; at – Kurdish PKK and YPG’s Hidden Notorious Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder, and Narcotics Trafficking, By Sarah Abed, The Rabbit Hole (sarahabedcom), September 24, 2017; at – Ongoing Kurdish Terror Attacks Against Aramean Christians in Syria, World Council of Arameans (Syriacs); and at – Kurds Annexing Assyrian Lands in Iraq, By Matthew Barber, AINA News Posted 2017-10-01.