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Sudan bans NPU deputy chairman from travelling abroad

October 11, 2017 at 11:07 pm

Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) banned on Monday the deputy chairman of the opposition National Umma Party (NUP), Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, from leaving the country after she had completed the departure procedures for a Cairo-bound flight.

An official source at NPU said that Al-Mahdi was heading to the French capital of Paris to attend the general conference of the Sudan Revolutionary Front.

An accompanying delegation of several Sudanese opposition parties with Al-Mahdi, the source pointed out, were allowed by the airport authorities to travel.

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The airport forces did not give a specific reason for the travel ban. They first said it was orders from the top and thereafter said the ban was due to her appearance.

The travel ban is the first measure by the Sudanese government towards commitment to freedom and human rights after the lifting of the decades-long US economic sanctions

The SRF’s conference’ inauguration session was attended by the French envoy to Sudan and South Sudan as a guest, Ambassador Stéphane Gruenberg.

German sources explained that the invitation did not include all the African country’s opposition factions, yet it was only directed to the Sudan Appeal forces in an attempt to encourage them to adopt a positive dialogue attitude and to bring its views closer to Khartoum within the framework of the proposed African Union peace plan and the comprehensive solution in Sudan.