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‘UAE plans to invade Qatar using mercenaries’

Qatar’s ex-Deputy Prime Minister, Abdullah Bin Hamas Al-Attiyah [moaksey/Flickr]

Qatar’s ex-Deputy Prime Minister has revealed details of a plan funded by the UAE to invade his country using mercenaries from the American security service company formerly known as Blackwater. Abdullah Bin Hamas Al-Attiyah noted that the plan still hasn’t received the green light from Washington.

Al-Attiyah told Spain’s ABC newspaper that thousands of mercenaries from Blackwater — now called Academi — are undergoing training in the UAE. “Plans for the invasion led by the Emirati authorities were underway before the announcement of the economic and diplomatic siege on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain [on 5 June, 2017],” he explained.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the White House was supposed to approve the plan, but it did not get the final “green light” from US President Donald Trump. There was no immediate comment from the UAE regarding the accusation.

Huff Post newspaper quoted unnamed official sources saying that the foreign mercenaries are being training in the Emirati military base in Liwa. The same sources also noted that Blackwater has trained 15,000 other mercenaries, mostly from Colombia and South America.

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The Abu Dhabi government is believed to have used Blackwater’s services in its operations in Yemen as part of the Riyadh-led Coalition against the Houthi rebels. Over the summer, the mercenaries apparently suffered numerous military setbacks in Yemen, prompting them to abandon their positions.

Blackwater decided to change its name due to several reports in the international press about abuses committed by its “contractors”, especially during and after the US-led invasion of Iraq.

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  • Sam Reding

    UAE is a worthless Machiavellian state with no hard power; their military incursion would backfire on them when Russia, Iran and Turkey comes to Qatar’s defense.

    • OOTrist

      Agreed, and let’s hope so if they are stupid enough to proceed. Not sure about Iran in the mix, but Russia would be ‘interesting.’

  • Aldrin Concepcion

    If UAE decided to proceed without any help from the US, It will be a suicide for them. Not even Saudi can protect them.

    • Shahid Khan

      How can you even make such a crap statement. UAE has been USA’s PSYCHOPATH for years.So what makes you think that suddenly everything is gonna change.

  • Vishwas Patil

    UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, North Korea, Sudan are countries or fiefdom of ganglords? We urgently need World Force to enforce rule of international law, Humanity and good Governance to weed out such rogue regimes. Petro Dollars have ruined the world peace. Its like giving torch in the hands of drunken monkeys.

  • Keyboard Soldier

    In monarchies, the citizens are scared into submission to the King, so it does not matter whether the Khalifas or Al Thanis rule Qatar.

  • There is honestly not so much difference, politically and otherwise, between the UAE and Qatar.

  • DEADP00L

    Let the UAE be this stupid and completely isolate itself from the GCC. Its is TOLERATED not supported. It has been a speck of sand in the eyes of Arabs for a generation and no longer has any value. It is nothing more than a Saddam 2.0. Power gone straight to its head with no neck and no spine. Hires mercenaries to attack your own kin, you deserve to be renounced for the abominations that you are. No state will join it, Qatar is a beloved member of a very loving family all over the gulf. Even Saudi Arabia has no love for the UAE and never did. Now it is a toxic neighbor who only causes strife, irritation, atrocities and annoyance.

    The UAE has nothing to contribute that you cannot find everywhere else. That’s the price they have paid to ‘modernize’ ie victims of western colonization. UAE is nothing but a corporation’s warehouse, no heritage, no history, no antiquities, no roots — all gone. They have no one to blame but themselves. No one told any of them to allow the likes Yousef Al-Otaibi to run amok. Now here we are and all the UAE ever does is threaten its own kin.

    Even black sheep know they are part of a flock, UAE is a sheep with one eye and thinks its a desert fox.

  • Lion Heart

    Let us not forget the recent past:
    1. UAE/France (and Qatar too) used mercenaries to topple Gaddafi———-result: Libya is destroyed.
    2. UAE/Saudi/(and Qatar too) used mercenaries to topple Assad———–result: Syria is destroyed
    Now UAE and Saudi are planning to use mercenaries to topple Qatari sheikhs—–why? To satisfy their ego
    But if you see carefully, all these actions are benefiting Israel

    • Moria Blackie

      I was on a Qatar airways flight over a year ago going to Doha from London.
      Just before the doors closed approx. 50 men (big men) got on board this commercial flight.Crew and Passengers couldn’t help but notice them as they stood out as not the normal pax to Qatar.They were British/European merceneries, and I am guessing destination Syria.On the screen flight map I noticed Allepo was marked a the capital of Syria.

      • Moria Blackie

        And who are the approx. 500 ISIS members being escorted out of Syria? Are they western merceneries/special forces, being protected by the US/UK.Only to end up causing havoc in another country.They just get shipped around and well paid for it too.