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Poll: 58% of Israel students plan to emigrate

Students at Tel Aviv university on 16 January 2017 [Shai-WMIL/Wikipedia]
Students at Tel Aviv university on 16 January 2017 [Shai-WMIL/Wikipedia]

More than half of the Israeli Jewish university students are considering leaving Israel in search of a better life abroad, a poll published in the Maariv newspaper revealed yesterday.

Some 34 per cent of the Jewish students who were polled would move to Europe if they had work opportunities, while 24 per cent stressed they would leave the country even if they had yet to obtain a job.

The poll, which was conducted by Jawwal, showed that 20 per cent of students between 20-24 years old believe emigration is a positive step, compared to 24 per cent of 25-29-year-olds and 31 per cent of those over 30.

According to the poll, 66 per cent of the female Jewish students are considering leaving Israel compared to 57 per cent of males.

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Fewer students in Jerusalem are considering emigrating, 40 per cent, compared to 66 per cent of those in Tel Aviv.

The poll also found that 68 per cent of secular students were considering leaving compared to 45 of religious students.

Students who are single are also more likely to consider the move when compared to their married counterparts.

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