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Hamas: We are keen on the reconciliation and will not abandon the resistance

October 20, 2017 at 4:50 pm

Palestinians take part in a rally to support the Palestinian reconciliation, in Gaza city, on 10 October, 2017 [Mohammed Asad/Apaimages]

Head of Hamas Abroad, Maher Salah, stressed the movement’s commitment to the resistance, noting that it will only support the truth and justice.

In his speech during the 9th Guardians of Jerusalem Conference held in Istanbul today, Salah said:

Those who believe Hamas and the Palestinian people would abandon the resistance are delusional. Rest assured that Hamas will not abandon the resistance; resistance is part of its name.

He cited statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a religious event regarding Israel’s existence, Salah said: “Israel will not celebrate its 100th birthday… it is destined to demise.”

The Palestinian official also reiterated that his movement will only support the truth, stating: “We thank everyone who has supported us, but we will only support the truth and justice.”

Salah also discussed Hamas’ efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation, noting the movement’s keenness to achieve this in the past.

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“We have put the interests of the people ahead of the movement’s interests. We conceded our government in order to bring the West Bank and Gaza Strip back together,” he said, stressing that Hamas has done everything it can to make the reconciliation work.

Hamas hopes to put the refugee issue and their suffering, especially in Lebanon, on the agenda of the next factions meeting in Cairo.

Salah presented the situation of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Syria, and emphasised Hamas’ efforts to preserve and defend the Ain El-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon.