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Remembering Israel’s ‘Operation Pillar of Defence’

Operation Pillar of Defence on Gaza Strip [Wikipedia]
Operation Pillar of Defence on Gaza Strip [Wikipedia]

On 14 November 2012, Israel launched “Operation Pillar of Defence” against the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Over the following eight days, almost 175 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. Five years later, Gaza is still subject to Israeli aggression, in violation of the terms of the ceasefire agreement.

What: Operation Pillar of Defence

When: 14-21 November 2012

Where: The Gaza Strip

What happened?

Tensions between the Israeli occupying forces and Gaza escalated in the days leading up to the military operation. On 10 November, Israel responded to an attack on a military jeep by killing four Palestinian teenagers while they played football in a Gaza sports stadium. Days of rocket fire from both sides ultimately led to Israel launching an official offensive, ostensibly against the besieged territory’s ruling party, Hamas.

On Wednesday afternoon, 14 November, the Israeli army targeted and killed Ahmed Jabari, the chief of the Hamas military wing, prompting widespread protests. The army also struck 20 other points in the Gaza Strip, including residential areas, claiming that weapons were hidden in civilian neighbourhoods. More than 10 people were killed on the first day, including 11-month-old Omar Misharawi, the son of BBC Video Editor Jihad Mishrawi.

Israel continued its missile strikes throughout the night, and Hamas responded with rocket fire into Israeli suburbs and cities the next day, although no one was killed.

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On 16 November, the then Prime Minister of Egypt, Hisham Qandil, visited Gaza to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, but a three hour ceasefire that was arranged for his visit did not last long; both Israel and Hamas accused the other of firing over the border during the brief lull. That night, Israel called up over 75,000 army reservists and visible signs of a build-up of ground forces near the Gaza border prompted many analysts to believe that a ground offensive could be imminent.

The Israeli government broadened its targets in the offensive to include Hamas government sites as well as allegedly military targets, launching an air strike on Saturday, 17 November, that destroyed the offices of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. The World Health Organisation condemned the strikes, stating that Gaza’s hospitals were overwhelmed with casualties and faced a critical shortage of drugs and medical supplies. The same day, Haaretz quoted Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai saying that, “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.”

In the occupied West Bank, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated in support of the people in Gaza but were met with aggression from Israeli forces; dozens were injured in subsequent clashes.

What happened next?

The bombardment of the Gaza Strip continued over the weekend, with the Israeli navy firing into the enclave as well; this was a first and the naval barrage killed a 13 year-old girl and her uncle on Sunday evening. Two buildings housing journalists from Sky News, ITN, Al-Quds TV and Press TV were also hit in an Israeli attack, injuring several reporters. The NGO Reporters without Borders condemned Israel’s action, and the Foreign Press Association issued a statement expressing concern about the strike, pointing to a UN Security Council statement that forbade all attacks against journalists in combat zones.

That day also witnessed the highest death toll of any single strike during the operation, when a missile destroyed the family home of Jamal Mahmoud Yassin Al-Dalu, killing twelve people; ten of his family members, including five children and an elderly woman, plus two of the family’s neighbours, including another elderly woman. Israel later admitted that the strike on the residential building had been intentional and that the target was Mohamed Al-Dalu, a police officer who was killed in the attack; neighbours insisted that he had no political affiliations.

Over the next few days, the Israeli bombardment killed dozens of people in Gaza, while several people were injured in Israel as a result of rockets fired by the beleaguered Palestinians. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Tel Aviv on Tuesday 20 November, to try to promote a ceasefire. She discussed the volatile situation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but did not meet with Hamas, due its designation by the Americans as a “terrorist organisation”.

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The next day, Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr stood alongside Clinton and announced that a ceasefire in Israel-Gaza hostilities would take effect at 9pm local time. The truce came after hours of intense shuttle-diplomacy involving Clinton, as well as the then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Before the announcement, attacks rocked both sides of the border. Inside Israel, a bomb blast on a bus in central Tel Aviv injured 28 people, three seriously. In Gaza City, the bombing met with approval from Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, who called it revenge for civilian deaths in Gaza in recent days, particularly that of the Al-Dalu family. Israeli bombs rained down on the territory in response.

After the Israel occupation forces agreed to a ceasefire, the residents of the Gaza Strip enjoyed their first peaceful night in a week. Four Israelis and some 174 Palestinians, 107 of whom were civilians, were killed in the eight-day conflict.

Netanyahu declared the Israeli offensive to be a success, saying that his forces had dealt a painful blow to Hamas, destroying thousands of rockets and killing many “terrorist commanders”. Hamas also claimed victory, despite the Palestinian losses.

As per the ceasefire agreement, Israel was required to “stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individuals.” The same was required from the Palestinian factions. However, Israel’s regular incursions against civilians in the Strip as well as the continuing blockade, mean that, five years later, the Palestinians in the enclave are still not at peace.

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  • charliematerne

    If you don’t want war, don’t start one

    • Seoigh

      Palestinians in Gaza didn’t start that or any war ….

      • charliematerne

        Since there are no “Palestinians”, I guess you are right

        • Seoigh

          The arrogance of you to think that someone as insignificant as yourself could decide such a thing. Newsflash; Israel didn’t exist until it was ESTABLISHED in 1948.

          • charliematerne

            And the Arabs didn’t start calling themselves “Palestinians” until 1964. By the way, the “Gaza Strip” and “West Bank” did not exist until they were NAMED in 1948 by the Egyptian OCCUPATION and the Jordanian OCCUPATION if Israeli land. Before you start screaming, please find a historic reference to the Gaza Strip (not Gaza city) or the West Bank

          • Seoigh

            Charlie, you don’t seem to grasp the simple concept that time moves on, things change, place names change, such is life. Thirty countries have been established since the 1990 alone. Over Half the worlds countries didn’t exist independently outside of their colonial masters control one hundred years ago including Israel. All of the new names of countries apparently aren’t valid according to your pathetic criteria. Clearly no need for the “historical reference” you require about the WB and Gaza since the land Israel stole from Palestinians after its establishment from the Palestinian State between 1948 and 1967, included much more than Gaza and the WB, but you know that and yet you choose to remain willfully ignorant despite being presented with facts simply because they don’t suit you. Not one inch more than what was recognized as Israel in 1948 (upon its ESTABLISHMENT) is recognized as Israel, now by the international community it’s a simple concept, one you struggle with grasping it would appear. That says so much more about you than anything else you throw up all over these message boards.
            Jordan didn’t just occupy the WB, it annexed it in a move recognized by more counties than have recognized the continued Israeli occupation of the WB and Gaza. Jordan held the WB in a trust for the Palestinian people, which was recognized by the Arab league. The WB, East Jerusalem and Gaza (as well as the Golan Heights) are not part of israel, not legally, and certainly not recognized by the international community after fifty years so the chances of that recognition being granted are slim to none at this point.
            Palestinians have been seeking recognition since prior to World War One and everyone living under the British mandate was called a Palestinian so the same old recycled lie that they didn’t identify as Palestinians until 1964 has already been proven a lie but you keep rolling it out even though you’ve been proven to be a LIAR repeatedly. Your delusion is almost funny if it wasn’t so hypocritical.

          • charliematerne

            And you have no concept of reality. Israel did not “steal” the land. The Mandate for Palestine established “Palestine” for the “Homeland for the Jewish people”. There is no mention of an Arab state in the unanimously approved Mandate. Article 80 of the UN Charter affirms and incorporates the Mandate into the Charter. ALL 193 member states have agreed to this. The Mandate and therefore the UN Charter place the borders of Israel at the Jordan River line to the Sea and from Sinai to Lebanon, with no mention of an Arab state. The Treaty pf Peace Between Egypt and Israel recognizes “the Mandate Border” as the International Border between Egypt and Israel. That border clearly places the “Gaza Strip” inside Israel. There is no mention in the Treaty of “Palestinians” or an “Arab State” The “Treaty of Peace Between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” clearly states and surveys the International Border at the same line of the Mandate Borders. Jordan gave up all and any claims to the so-called “West Bank” There is no mention of the “Palestinians”, “Palestinian Arabs” or any Arab state within the International Borders of Israel.
            Where is the document that proves “Jordan held the WB in a trust for the Palestinian people, which was recognized by the Arab league”?
            Your only correct (and even that is partly correct) the British said ” everyone living under the British mandate was called a Palestinian” The Arabs continued to refer to themselves as Arabs.
            Where are the recognized “borders” of this mythical “state of Palestine”? Where are the minimum of 5 treaties that would be required to invent such a state? When were they ratified? If there are such treaty borders, why does the UN, in their resolutions, continue to call for “negotiations” on the final status INCLUDING borders?
            The “International Community” recognizes its own feat of terrorism ( Nabil Shaath — once the top negotiator for the Palestinians –“Do we have to start hijacking your planes and destroying your airports again for you to pay attention to our cause”)

          • Seoigh

            Oh you ignorant fool.
            So you make reference to Palestine and yet deny Palestinians exist. (As IF your “opinion” matters that much to anyone else except yourself) or if you had the right to make such a declaration.
            You make reference to a homeland for Jewish people yet the Balfour declaration Specified “it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”.
            Speaking of the UN, israel hasn’t even met the criteria established for its membership and I find it amusing that you cite the UN when it suits but denigrate it when it suits, how very hypocritical of you.
            Jordan ceded the WB the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people in 1988.
            EVERY resident (even the few thousand Jews) was identified as PALESTINIAN hence Palestinians existed prior to 1964 as per your assertion they did not (your LIE).
            Your delusion knows no bounds…..

          • charliematerne

            You really need to read. I make reference to a geographic area called “Palestine” by the British. I deny that any “Palestinian PEOPLE” exist as a separate genetic, ethnic, cultural or religious group, they are simply Arabs most of whom migrated to the area following the Jews with their better working conditions and higher wages. That is not my “opinion” it is historic fact.
            Once again, your little bit of truth, “it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. but Balfour (not law) and the Mandate (law) RESERVED political rights for the Jews. No political rights for the “non-Jewish communities” means no Arab state. It was Israel that gave its Arab citizens the right to vote, I do not “denigrate” the UN, I do point out when its members violate or ignore the Charter and other International Laws with their political resolutions
            We have been through your claim “Jordan ceded the WB the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people in 1988.” Jordan was never the legal sovereign in the so-called “West Bank” and as such could not “cede” it to anyone. What law, anywhere on this planet. states someone without legal standing can legally give something to a third party and have that “gift” be considered legal? It would be like me giving your house to your neighbor and that gift being recognized as legal.

          • Seoigh

            You can deny all you want that Palestinians exist, in fact it only proves how delusional and arrogant you are to think you have any say in how Palestinians choose to self identify.
            Migrated to the area? Any census proves your delusion about who “migrated” to the region and it was Polish, Russian, German etc jews, Palestinians had no need to migrate anywhere they’ve been there for thousands of years, the fact that you think it makes you look sane to deny same is only further proof of your delusion.
            The fact that you think the non jewish communities mentioned and afforded rights in the Balfour Declaration means no state for Palestinians or no rights for non Jews who were living there for thousands of years prior to any Aliyah is more proof of your delusion, the rights of people living in a region are always protected and more so in the last hundred years.
            You have many times denigrated the UN while denying the fact Israel haven’t even met the criteria for membership of the UN.
            Israel is not internationally recognized as the sovereign power in the WB, Gaza or East Jerusalem. No lie you post changes that fact. Israel is not even recognized as a sovereign power in the Golan Heights.
            Ignorant and bigoted rabid pro Israelis like yourself have been stealing land and property from Palestinians for decades. I do not “claim” Jordan ceded the WB to Palestinians, that is a fact even if it doesn’t suit your bigotry to accept facts because they don’t suit your bias.
            The U.K. has colonized many countries over many centuries and what they have done in many regions of the world wasn’t legal either, the same way as land taken in a war can no longer go to the victor. You’re a laugh a minute you ….

          • charliematerne

            “Palestinians” as “a people” do not exist. Their own documents say they are Arabs. Arabs have self-determination in 22 nation states. Israel is in fact a full member of the UN and has met each requirement to achieve that status. I have asked you before and you have failed/refused to answer. Perhaps I type too fast for you to read. I will type slowly just for you. Where are the borders of the mythical “state of Palestine”? What treaties created such a state (at least 5 would be required) ? Are they on file with the UN as required by the Charter? Who witnessed those “treaties”? What is the legal basis for Jordan to “cede” the so-called “West Bank” to anyone (especially 11 years after it was driven back into its own borders and out of its illegal occupation). Again, I suggest that you read. Under International Law (the Laws of War (IHL) land taken in a war of “aggression” (i.e. Jordan) does not become the territory of the aggressor. Land taken in a defensive war (i.e. Israel) can be retained, especially when that land was retaken from the aggressor. The land of the so-called “West Bank” was legally Israel’s under the Mandate and the UN Charter.

          • Seoigh

            Let me clarify for you because it seems you get confused and that is pretty evident with all the tripe you throw up all over these boards. You are of the opinion that Palestinians don’t exist is more accurate, according to Palestinians they do exist since they and everyone else has the right to self determination according to the UNHRC.
            You will type slowly for me?? Well there is an old recycled and trite load of codswallop.
            Perhaps we should start with where are israels borders ? Please don’t include one square inch of land NOT INTERNATIONALLY ACCEPTED AS PART OF ISRAEL (not Gaza, not East Jerusalem or the WB ) you can leave out the Golan Heights too, they do not count, as they are not accepted as part of Israel, not now, and not ever will be, they’ve had fifty years sicne the 1967 preemptive campaign against Egypt and the land grabs they’ve conducted since it was ESTABLISHED in 1948 and no one recoginzed their land grabs or their attempted retention of said land.
            You are a liar, there are no circumstances under which land can be taken in war, not an offensive war, not a defensive war and we all know who started the war in 1967 so you can delude yourself all you want to, you are wrong.
            The UN charter or the UN in any capacity doesn’t establish countries, never could never will, thanks for proving your delusion and the depth to which you sink regularly to not accept reality….. I’d get that seen to….

          • charliematerne

            Ask the Kurds and the Catalonians about that “right to self-determination” Ask the southern states of the US. Nothing in “self-determination” guarantees “independence”
            Israel’s borders as stated by the British and accepted by the League of Nations and the UNin the Mandate:
            Palestine lies on the western edge of the continent of Asia between Latitude 30º N. and 33º N., Longitude 34º 30’ E. and 35º 30’ E.
            On the North it is bounded by the French Mandated Territories of Syria and Lebanon, on the East by Syria and Trans-Jordan, on the South-west by the Egyptian province of Sinai, on the South-east by the Gulf of Aqaba and on the West by the Mediterranean. The frontier with Syria was laid down by the Anglo-French Convention of the 23rd December, 1920, and its delimitation was ratified in 1923. Briefly stated, the boundaries are as follows: –
            North. – From Ras en Naqura on the Mediterranean eastwards to a point west of Qadas, thence in a northerly direction to Metulla, thence east to a point west of Banias.
            East. – From Banias in a southerly direction east of Lake Hula to Jisr Banat Ya’pub, thence along a line east of the Jordan and the Lake of Tiberias and on to El Hamme station on the Samakh-Deraa railway line, thence along the centre of the river Yarmuq to its confluence with the Jordan, thence along the centres of the Jordan, the Dead Sea and the Wadi Araba to a point on the Gulf of Aqaba two miles west of the town of Aqaba, thence along the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba to Ras Jaba.
            South. – From Ras Jaba in a generally north-westerly direction to the junction of the Neki-Aqaba and Gaza-Aqaba Roads, thence to a point west-north-west of Ain Maghara and thence to a point on the Mediterranean coast north-west of Rafa.
            West. – The Mediterranean Sea. Those are the legal borders of the State of Israel as confirmed by the treaties I have already mentioned.
            Look up the Latin legal term (still in use today) Casus belli. Again I type slowly, where are the recognized, treaty borders of your mythical “state of Palestine”? When were the treaties ratified? Are they on file with the UN as required by the Charter?
            We have been through this repeatedly. I am asking you to please take 2 days to read the documents I have presented. I know they will be painful to your perceived prejudices but they just might open your eyes

          • Seoigh

            Stop moving the goal posts old man, that will never serve your bias.
            You are an idiotic hypocritical bigot and your copy and paste tripe proves that.
            Open your own eyes and then get back to me.
            You deny Palestinians exist.
            You deny Palestine exist.
            You lie repeatedly and copy and paste the same tripe repeatedly despite being proven wrong over and over….

          • charliematerne

            Moving the goal post???? You have accused me of that before. If the largest minority in the world (the Jews) and the second largest in the world (the Kurds) and the third largest (the Catalonians) do not deserve “self determination” what makes you think a few millions Arabs who already have self-determination in 22 states do have a right to Independence (under Oslo, they have self-determination that they have squandered.) Your continued resort to insults only proves that your “argument” is false and has failed

          • Seoigh

            Who said that Jews, Kurds or Catalonians didn’t deserve self determination? Jews have self determination in Israel (while denying same to non Jews in Israel and the OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES), Jews have self determination and freedom in any country in the world they choose to reside or have citizenship in (Israeli jews tend to have several citizenship’s, more than most people ), so what are you smoking old man?
            I certainly didn’t claim any race or religion didn’t deserve self determination but the fact you claim I did that shows and proves you lack comprehension abilities, because you read what was posted and choose to deliberately misinterpret what was said to suit your own narrative.
            There is no self determination for Palestinians in the WB or the limited control they have over area A and B with over six hundred check points (including rolling check points)and the fact that Netanyahu deliberately scuppered the agreement.
            You are delusional, get that seen to old man….

          • charliematerne

            You deny Israel’s borders. Those borders were set to mark the very small area of the planet set aside by the international community expressly for Jewish self-determination AND national independence. Even the “Palestinians” did not support self-determination and independence for the Kurds. Most Muslims and their citizens did not support the Kurds. Most Christians did the same. Both groups also refused to support the Catalonians. Those same groups and you, demand that Israel give up its land for a non-indigenous group of Arabs.
            Where do you get your statistics of “over six hundred check points (including rolling check points)”?
            Go back to sucking your “thumb” puppy boy

          • Seoigh

            You now claim I “deny israels borders”, what are you smoking ?
            I merely accept what is internationally recognized as Israel and it’s borders and that does not include one square more than was recognized as Israel in 1948, nothing you say changes that fact even if you don’t care for those facts. The old “small piece of land” thrown in for good measure, tell me why did israel accept UN 181 and accept the land they were given (Jews only owned six per cent of Israel in 1948) and they have stolen land from the rightful and deeded owners since.
            Why or how if you deny Palestinians exist do you bemoan their lack of for support Kurdish independence? Perhaps they are so busy fighting for their own independence that it is not a priority for them. It’s quite telling that you ask that question, funny enough, it says a lot more about you than any of the tripe you write.
            Support for Kurds is not religiously based as you claim (without proof it’s simply an unsubstantiated opinion) broad sweeping generalizations only make you look foolish. I’m quite sure not every muslim or Christian is opposed to Kurdish independence or an independent Catalonia.
            I don’t demand Israel give up land, it is not their land to “give up” it is not recognized as part of Israel (not the WB, not East Jerusalem or Gaza), not now and not after fifty years and not by ANYONE. All of those settlements are built upon some privately owned Palestinian land, this is not up for discussion, it’s a fact. Those Palestinians were there before any jew from Russia, Poland, Germany, the USA or anywhere moved and took advantage of cheap housing an delude themselves they are living in Israel, and any census taken between 1800 and 1948 verifies the overwhelming majority of residents were Palestinian Muslims and Christians with a few thousand Jews, so yes there is non indigenous population but it isn’t Palestinian Muslims or Christians.

          • charliematerne

            You tell me, why did the Arabs reject (violently) 181? Why are you and they now claiming 181 is still valid? Are you even aware that there was mulch more to 181 than just the partition? Are you aware of the how and why of the Armistice Lines? Are you aware that it was the Arabs who demanded the Armistice Lines were Military ONLY and not ever to be considered Political Lines (borders)
            “Time and again these governments have rejected proposals today – and longed for them tomorrow.” Abba Eban

          • Seoigh

            It doesn’t matter who rejected UN 181, it passed.
            Seems you don’t know how a democratic vote works, but that’s typical.
            p.s. you never addressed the fact you lied about Christians rejecting Catalonian independence. Or the fact Israel doesn’t support Catalonian independence. Israel only supports Kurdish independence because it suits their goal of regional hegemony.

          • charliematerne

            If you had read the Charter, as I have suggested several times, you would know that GA resolutions are not legally binding and must be agreed to by all parties addressed. Obviously, this did not happen. Even the UN gave up on its duties under 181. It is dead. 181 was in violation of Article 5 of the Mandate and therefore of Article 80 of the Charter.Not a single predominantly Christian state supported Catalonian independence. That is a fact, not a lie. You REALLY NEED TO READ

          • Seoigh

            I never said UNGA resolutions were binding, I said it passed, there is a difference even if you lack the ability to comprehend it, you seem to have that issue repeatedly. I post and your responses prove you cannot understand what has been written.

            Are you now suggesting the U.K., Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Belgium and Slovenia are not Christian countries? All twelve countries have given some kind of support to Catalonia’s independence movement by passing motions in their parliaments, creating parliamentary sub groups to look into it or have received Catalonian government representative despite the fact that they were pressurized by Spain. Israel on the other hand has offered no such support, in fact it deems Catalonian independence to be an internal Spanish matter. Don’t know why you feel the need to lie al the time, it makes you look more and more foolish.
            You need to learn how to comprehend what is written.

          • charliematerne

            “Some kind of support”? But no government support. “Motions” are not binding on the governments. The EU (and all those countries you listed) supported Spain in the in the Catalonian independence problem. “creating parliamentary sub groups to look into it” is not support. That 181 “Passed” is irrelevant, it was never implemented. You seem to think there is some kind of magic in 181

          • Seoigh

            Thank you for proving you lie and you are an idiot, you lack the ability to comprehend basic English….

          • charliematerne

            This from the liar who stated the “Palestinians” in Gaza never started any wars?

          • Seoigh

            I think you will find it was always israel breaking any ceasefire, plenty of false flags under their belt….
            And that’s rich from the old man who deny Palestinians exist and the next thing you know you have the people you deny exist starting wars…
            Get a grip old man….

          • Helen4Yemen

            Arab land was used to remove the Jews that the Christian West hated!

            Jewish expulsions from Europe

            – 250 Carthage – 415 Alexandria – 554 Diocèse of Clermont (France) – 561 Diocèse of Uzès (France) – 612 Visigoth Spain – 642 Visigoth Empire – 855 Italy – 876 Sens – 1012 Mainz – 1182 France – 1182 Germany – 1276 Upper Bavaria – 1290 England – 1306 France – 1322 France (again) – 1348 Switzerland – 1349 Hielbronn (Germany) – 1349 Saxony – 1349 Hungary – 1360 Hungary – 1370 Belgium – 1380 Slovakia – 1388 Strasbourg – 1394 Germany – 1394 France – 1420 Lyons – 1421 Austria – 1424 Fribourg – 1424 Zurich – 1424 Cologne – 1432 Savoy – 1438 Mainz – 1439 Augsburg – 1442 Netherlands – 1444 Netherlands – 1446 Bavaria – 1453 France – 1453 Breslau – 1454 Wurzburg – 1462 Mainz – 1483 Mainz – 1484 Warsaw – 1485 Vincenza (Italy) – 1492 Spain – 1492 Italy – 1495 Lithuania – 1496 Naples – 1496 Portugal – 1498 Nuremberg – 1498 Navarre – 1510 Brandenberg – 1510 Prussia – 1514 Strasbourg – 1515 Genoa – 1519 Regensburg – 1533 Naples – 1541 Naples – 1542 Prague & Bohemia – 1550 Genoa – 1551 Bavaria – 1555 Pesaro – 1557 Prague – 1559 Austria – 1561 Prague – 1567 Wurzburg – 1569 Papal States – 1571 Brandenburg – 1582 Netherlands – 1582 Hungary – 1593 Brandenburg, Austria – 1597 Cremona, Pavia & Lodi – 1614 Frankfort – 1615 Worms – 1619 Kiev – 1648 Ukraine – 1648 Poland – 1649 Hamburg – 1654 Little Russia (Beylorus) – 1656 Lithuania – 1669 Oran (North Africa) – 1669 Vienna – 1670 Vienna – 1712 Sandomir – 1727 Russia – 1738 Wurtemburg – 1740 Little Russia (Beylorus) – 1744 Prague, Bohemia – 1744 Slovakia – 1744 Livonia – 1745 Moravia – 1753 Kovad (Lithuania) – 1761 Bordeaux – 1772 Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia) – 1775 Warsaw – 1789 Alsace – 1804 Villages in Russia – 1808 Villages & Countrysides (Russia) – 1815 Lbeck & Bremen – 1815 Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria – 1820 Bremen – 1843 Russian Border Austria & Prussia – 1862 Areas in the U.S. under General Grant’s Jurisdiction[1] – 1866 Galatz, Romania – 1880s Russia – 1891 Moscow – 1919 Bavaria (foreign born Jews) – 193845 Nazi Controlled Areas – 1948 Arab Countries

          • Helen4Yemen

            “Jews have self determination in Israel”

            Can you please tell me on what basis Ukranian, German, Russian, Lithuanian Jews have the right to a square inch of Palestine?

          • Helen4Yemen


            Palestine is not OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES) or Gaza or what the European now calls “Israel”. It is that peace of land that belongs to its natives and not to Goldberg’s or Silverstein or Mileikowsky’s.

          • Helen4Yemen

            95% of world Jewry is lily white European!

          • Helen4Yemen

            1) Kurds say they have no friends but the mountains. Now they have Israel, and that could cause them grief.

            2) The occupier of Palestinian lands has become the only country to support Iraqi Kurdistan’s separatism.

            3) Israeli minister: The West, US, Israel have ‘major interest’ in Kurdish state

            4) Kurdish independence will see Iraq disintegrate; it’s Israel’s dream scenario

            5) Amidst Universal Opposition to KRG Referendum, Israel Stands by Kurds

            6) The Kurds are allied with Syria’s fiercest enemy – Israel – whose planned Greater Israel project coincidentally aligns almost perfectly with the Kurds’ plans for “Kurdistan.”

            7) Partitioning the Middle East: A Roadmap to US-Israeli Hegemony

            8) Iraq, Syria and the death of the modern Middle East

            9) Fidel Castro says Mossad behind Islamic State

            10) Top Iranian general says Kurdish referendum an Israeli ‘plot’

            11) Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is playing a cynical game on the Kurdish referendum

            12) Shia leader claims Israel behind disintegration of Iraq by supporting Kurdish referendum

            13) Israel sees benefits in an independent Kurdistan

            14) How Independent Kurdistan Will Allow Israel to Kill Two Birds With One Stone

            15) Kurdistan News: Only Israel supports Kurdistan Referendum says Iraqi Prime Minister

            16) Israel Endorses Kurdish Independence in Lone Show of Support

            17) 200,000 Israelis Expected in “Kurdistan” Once Independence Is Declared

            18) An independent Kurdistan would give Israel an ally in the region and undermine Iranian influence in Iraq.

            19) Israel’s recognition of Kurdish claims to independence is an act that perpetuates the denial of Palestinian rights.

            20) Kurdish independence will see Iraq disintegrate; it’s Israel’s dream scenario

          • Helen4Yemen

            Numbers 34

            31 I will see that your borders reach from the Red Sea[g] to the Euphrates River and from the Mediterranean Sea to the desert. I will let you defeat the people who live there, and you will force them out of the land. 32 But you must not make any agreements with them or with their gods. 33 Don’t let them stay in your land. They will trap you into sinning against me and worshiping their gods.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Why can’t the Ashkenazi who is thoroughly European go back home and ask for a state of his own where his grandma is from?

          • Helen4Yemen

            There is no “Jewish people”, the white Jews simply hate the black Jews.

          • Helen4Yemen

            You seem to forget:

            a) 95% of world Jewry is European Ashkenazi

            b) The Ashkenazi is 99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern

            Please tell me how this white man is connected to Palestine but the European Christians are not?

          • Helen4Yemen

            Einstein 1947: The Jewish survivors demand the right to dwell amid brothers, on the soil of their fathers.”
            Herzl 1900 “Our return to the land of our fathers, foretold by Holy Writ, sung by poets, desired with tears by the poor of our people, and derided by pitiable mockers, is an event of the greatest political
            interest to all the powers concerned in the affairs of Asia.”
            Fourth Congress – London, England (1900)
            But the Eskimos and the Ashkenazi are both at exactly the same level of Middle East ancestry which is 0% for both. How does a European Jew get so deluded to think they are Israelite?

          • Helen4Yemen

            At the end of the day, the Ashkenazi simply looks out of place in Palestine – he looks like George Bush vacationing in Thailand -so out of place – vividly European!

          • Helen4Yemen

            Vladimir Jabotinsky – The Iron Wall (1923)

            • Compromisers in our midst attempt to convince us that the Arabs are some kind of fools who can be tricked by a softened formulation of our goals, or a tribe of money grubbers who will abandon their birth right to Palestine for cultural and economic gains. I flatly reject this assessment of the Palestinian Arabs. _________________________________________________

            • Colonization itself has its own explanation, integral and inescapable, and understood by every Arab and every Jew with his wits about him Colonization can have only one goal. For the Palestinian Arabs this goal is inadmissible. This is in the nature of things To change that nature is impossible. _________________________________________________

            • If it were possible to discuss Palestine with the Arabs of Baghdad and Mecca as if it were some kind of small, immaterial borderland, then Palestine would still remain for the Palestinians not a borderland, but their birthplace, the center and basis of their own national existence. Therefore it would be necessary to carry on colonization against the will of the Palestinian Arabs, which is the same condition that exists now.

            http://www.marxists.DE/middleast/ironwall/ironwallhtm Vladimir Jabotinsky – The Iron Wall (1923)

          • Helen4Yemen

            The word “Israeli” is a fake word that was
            invented only the day before foreign Jews
            declared a state on stolen Arab land. It was
            created by using the word “Israel” + I which is an
            Arabic suffix. All the nationalities that end with
            the letter I are Muslim countries except for this
            fake state who had to borrow an Arabic suffix to
            create a fake identity.

            Afghanistani … Azerbaijani …
            Bahraini … Bangladeshi … Iraqi …
            Kazakhstani … Kuwaiti …
            Kyrgyzstani … Omani … Pakistani …
            Qatari … Saudi … Somali …
            Tajikistani … Turkmenistani …
            Emirati … Uzbekistani … Yemeni

            Suffix .. Origin
            -ian .. Latin
            -ean .. Latin
            -an .. Latin
            -ese .. Latin → Italian
            -er .. Latin → Germanic
            -ic .. Latin → Germanic
            -ish .. Germanic
            -i .. Arabic

          • Helen4Yemen

            At 0% genetic link to the region but at 99.9% to Europe, why is the Middle East the concern of white Europeans like the Ashkenazi?

        • Helen4Yemen

          Did you not hear?

          Bernie Sanders = 97.7% AshkenazI European
          Larry David = 97.8% Ashkenazi European
          and they are cousins.
          If Palestinians are not the natives, who is?
          Larry David?

    • Helen4Yemen

      How else do you think the Kenyans, Indians, Yemenis, Algerians, Moroccans … got rid of white Europeans like the Ashkenazi?