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Palestine: Saudi Arabia, Egypt using Rafah crossing to pressure us

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas meets with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi on 6 November 2017 [Thaer Ganaim/Apaimages]

The Rafah crossing between the besieged Gaza Strip and Egypt is being used a tool to pressure Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to enter into US-backed peace talks with Israel, a Palestinian Authority official has said.

“The Rafah crossing has become a tool that Egypt and Saudi Arabia use to pressure Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to accept the entry into a new round of US-backed negotiations with Israel,” the PA official said, warning that “the negotiations could reach results that may affect the rights of the Palestinians.”

According to the Cairo agreement which was signed on 12 October, Egypt agreed with Fatah and Hamas to reopen the Rafah border crossing last Tuesday, but the official said that “Saudi Arabia seemed to have pressured Egypt to retreat until the PA approves the two-state solution deal.”

The official described the exploiting of the only humanitarian crossing for Gaza’s residents as “suspicious”.

They [Arab countries] are using the crossing to strengthen their ties with the US and Israel

he added.

Israel has maintained a blockade on Gaza for a decade, with tight restrictions in place on the movement of people and goods at its crossings, citing the need to control Hamas and stop Islamic groups from obtaining weapons or materials that could be used against Tel Aviv. Egypt has supported the blockade by closing the Rafah crossing, leaving Palestinian in Gaza no access to the outside world.

Gaza’s two million residents suffer from worsening humanitarian conditions, with only a few hours of power a day and a lack of clean water. Control of the Rafah crossing at Gaza’s southern border has long been a sticking point between the two Palestinian factions, and between Egypt and the Palestinians in Gaza for whom the crossing represents a vital gateway to the outside world.

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  • Zayd Farah

    Egypt has fallen far since Nasser

  • gogrrrl

    So very different from the PA using the border, electricity, medicines and salaries to pressure Hamas…. I guess we should be thankful the Saudis are only using the border – so far

  • Uuta

    Simple solutions: terrorist groups in Palestine should stop importing weapons and extorting terrorists to injure other countries. The north Sinai has problems and much of it may be due to Gaza importing weapons and terrorists. Stop crying ‘woe,’ those in Gaza who are promoting terrorism, and start acting like rational adults. If you do then the innocent ones in Gaza may begin to have better lives.