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Israel seizes Palestinian waste vehicle in occupied Nablus

Israeli soldiers can be seen arresting Palestinians in Nablus, West Bank [Ayman Ameen/Apaimages]
Israeli soldiers can be seen arresting Palestinians in Nablus, West Bank [Ayman Ameen/Apaimages]

Israeli forces yesterday seized a Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned waste collection vehicle in the village of Aqraba, in the occupied West Bank district of Nablus, official Palestinian sources reported.

Yousef Deriyeh, member of the Anti-Israeli Wall and Settlements Committee in Aqraba, told Quds Press that the occupation forces seized the Palestinian waste vehicle under the pretext that it was “operating in an Israeli-controlled area”.

The Israeli forces, Deriyeh added, prevent Aqraba’s Palestinian residents from entering the village’s northern east area of Al-Dawa, claiming that it is owned by a Jewish settler.

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Israel has seized several Palestinian machines and vehicles owned by local councils and municipalities, claiming they are not licensed and are operating in Israeli-controlled areas.

In August, the Israeli forces seized a waste collection vehicle that belonged to the municipality of Nablus’ southern occupied town of Qabalan.

Area C, which constitutes some 64 per cent of the occupied West Bank, is seen by Israel as “strategically vital for agriculture and military purposes”. Palestinians living in Area C face systematic discrimination when it comes to planning and housing, and a number of NGOs and European governments have been providing support to communities targeted by the Israeli authorities for demolitions.

ZERO building permits were issued by Israel in 2015 !Israel tightens #Palestinian construction in Area C – #OccupiedPalestine MEMO infographic by QUAD Business House

Publiée par Middle East Monitor sur Jeudi 13 avril 2017

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