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Islamic Jihad rejects disarming of Palestinian resistance

December 6, 2017 at 10:01 am

Islamic Jihad leader Mohammed Al-Hindi delivers a speech in Gaza city on 23 May 2017 [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

The leader of Palestine’s Islamic Jihad has said that the movement rejects the disarming of the resistance groups, Anadolu reported on Tuesday. Mohamed Al-Hindi called any talk about disarming the groups “a red line.”

“The Palestinians are seeking national liberation,” he explained, “and the resistance is entirely legitimate, so talking about disarming is a definite red line.”

Al-Hindi condemned the remarks of some Palestinian officials who have made such a call. “The Palestinians bought these arms with their food and blood, and we have to maintain them as a symbol of our honour and persistence,” he insisted.

The people of Palestine, he said, should come together to draft a national strategy that “protects the resistance arms.” The Islamic Jihad leader noted that there are some Palestinians who think that the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation means making Gaza like the West Bank and activating security coordination with Israel there. “This,” he stressed, “is an illusion.”

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He also mentioned the talk about a “big deal” that liquidates the Palestinian cause. “We warn anyone about signing a final deal [alone] and to market such an illusion again.”

On 12 October, Hamas and Fatah signed an agreement to end the ten-year division that included a pledge by the Islamic Resistance Movement to hand control of Gaza to the Fatah-dominated government of national accord.