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Notifications to stop construction in Idhna, western Hebron

A stop order on construction near Hebron

On Wednesday, Israeli occupation forces ordered the cessation of the construction of a number of houses and facilities in the town of Idhna in western Hebron.

According to sources in the municipality of Idhna, the Israeli occupation forces have issued random notifications, which demand stopping construction and the demolition of a number of houses and facilities in the area of Ouad Naga in the western part of Idhna town.

The Israeli forces notified, Alaa Eid Al-Batran, whose house covers an area of 150 square meters on the site, and Khalil Hussein Al-Batran, whose house covers also an area of 100 square meters, of the decision to stop the construction of their houses. It has also notified Achraf Mohamed Al-Batran to stop building a sheep pen, which covers an area of 200 square meters.

The sources stated that those in the area have been subject to the occupation’s harassment continously.

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