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Syria opposition, UN discuss political transition, constitution, elections

Yahya Al-Aridi, Syrian opposition spokesman in Astana, Kazakhstan on 22 January 2017 [Aliia Raimbekova/Anadolu Agency]

The Syrian opposition participating in the Geneva 8 talks and the United Nations team discussed political transition, the constitution and the elections.

The first round of Geneva 8 began on 28 November and lasted four days, then stopped for several days before resuming on Tuesday, with meetings between the opposition and the UN team only.

“We came to discuss the implementation of the international legitimacy resolutions. We discussed the political transition process in depth and clearly,” opposition spokesman Yahya Al-Aridi said in remarks after the meeting.

Al-Aridi explained that the two sides also discussed political transition in relation to the electoral and constitutional processes as well as the infrastructure for political transition.

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Remarking on the opposition’s meetings with the UN team, Al-Aridi said: “We are serious about the political process that is why we are engaged with the United Nations in the implementation of its decision.”

“Meanwhile, the other side is preoccupied with matters that are not related to politics, but rather the continuation of its strategy in Syria without paying attention to the Syrians,” he said in reference to the Syrian regime delegation which was absent from the meetings.

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  • Stern Daler

    They should accept facts. Assad won the last election and the war. These HNC people making demands now do not even have the results of fake election and a foreign (Russia & Iran) sponsored military victory to legitimize their demands.

    All their demands can only prolong the suffering of the man/woman on the street in Syria. And all the self declared “representative of the Syrian people” desire is a few more handout from their Western and Near Eastern paymasters. Who may or may not feed their loosing “electorate” as well.

    p.s. This pattern of not accepting reality is typical for near Eastern politics. The Syrians that inhabited the holy land (what we call Israel now) are now called Palestinians. Their representatives are well fed by the UN and the people still dream and are fed by the UN. And that prevents a peace deal since 1948.

  • virgile

    Obviously the opposition has been scolded for the provocative declaration of Mr Hariri who said that the aim of the negotiation is to remove Bashar al Assad during and after the negotiations.
    The Syrian delegation must have warned that any mention of Bashar al Assad’s removal will trigger the withdrawal of the delegation for good and the failure of the Geneva convention. Both the USA and Russia want the end to the Syrian crisis.