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UN evacuates its staff in Yemen

Hudaydah port in Yemen [GeorgekhouryUN/Twitter]
Hudaydah port in Yemen [GeorgekhouryUN/Twitter]

The United Nations (UN) has evacuated nine of its staff members in Yemen aboard a cargo ship through the Hudaydah port, which is being controlled by Houthis.

An official source, who preferred anonymity, told the Anadolu Agency a 60-metre-long Vos Apollo cargo ship arrived yesterday morning at the Yemeni port and left in the afternoon with the UN workers on board.

The source noted that the nine UN workers were all foreigners.

On Sunday, the UN sad it was trying to evacuate at least 140 aid workers from the Yemeni capital of Sana’a amid fighting that has cut off the airport road.

Following the assassination of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Saudi coalition has increased its bombing campaign in Sana’a, aiming to shore up Saleh’s supporters as they battle Houthis.

Since clashes erupted, UN staff had been confined to their living quarters in Sana’a.

Yemen: Houthis planting explosives in Hudaydah port

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