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White House: unfortunate that Palestinians declined meeting with Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence on 18 February, 2017 [Andreas Gebert/Anadolu Agency]
US Vice President Mike Pence on 18 February, 2017 [Andreas Gebert/Anadolu Agency]

The White House said on Sunday it was “unfortunate” that Palestinians were declining to meet with Vice President Mike Pence during an upcoming trip to the region in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“It’s unfortunate that the Palestinian Authority is walking away again from an opportunity to discuss the future of the region, but the administration remains undeterred in its efforts to help achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians and our peace team remains hard at work putting together a plan,” said Jarrod Agen, a deputy chief of staff and spokesman for Pence.

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  • David Adams

    The United States cannot continue to provide Israel with unlimited and unconditional financial and diplomatic support and then still claim to be a neutral mediator in reality they are not neutral they are an active participant in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.


    Actually, it is the United States who is singling out Israel, with $3.8 billion dollars in military aid yearly, that’s over $10 million dollars every single day (more cumulative aid than any other country since WWII) and protecting it from diplomatic censure in international forums such as the UN and the ICC. As Americans, you have a special
    responsibility to ensure that your tax dollars stop being used to commit war crimes. This is not about singling out Israel, it’s about holding Israel to the same standard as all countries to comply with international law and leveraging the particular responsibility and influence that you have as American taxpayers to demand change in Israel.

  • Anthony Garnet Philip Ferreira

    Putting together a plan to meditate while conspiring with the other party to steal more land from the people of Palestine!