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India citizens urge US to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem

Indian citizens and community leaders have written a letter urging the US to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In a public address released yesterday and signed by "concerned Indian citizens, especially from leaders of the Indian Christian community", the signatories appeal the decision, citing the relevance of Jerusalem to all three Abrahamic faiths.

The letter reiterates the stance of the international community against the declaration and reflects on how the decision will impact the Palestinian population.

"[The decision should be revoked] considering that this kind of irresponsible decision and disparate and impulsive action would accelerate tension in Palestine and would worsen the life and livelihood situation of the marginalised, especially the aged, otherwise abled, women and children in the occupied territories."

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The signatories of the letter include leading members of the Delhi Minority Commission, National Council of Churches in India, Vidya Jyothi Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations and the ISI-Indian Social Institute.

The letter expresses "solidarity with the struggles of our brothers and sisters in Palestine" and urges action.

"We also urge the Indian Government not to take sides with the US and Israel but to intervene with the US administration to call back this decision and announcement and to enable the Middle East and the entire world to live in Peace with due respect for humanity, dignity and diversity," it concludes.

Israeli ties with India have been strengthened in recent months, following the first visit of an Indian prime minister to the country in July. India also took part in its first military drill with Israel last month and is reportedly withdrawing investment from Iran in order to redirect it to Israel.

However it was later reported that New Delhi had cancelled a $500 million arms deal which would have seen it purchase 8,000 Spike anti-tank missiles and 300 missile launchers from Tel Aviv.

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