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Iran: Some Arab states agreed to Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation logo [File photo]
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation logo [File photo]

Some Arabic countries were aware of US President Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem and even coordinated it with him, the Iranian Foreign ministry said yesterday.

“We consider this a betrayal to the Palestinian issue and the Islamic world,” the ministry stressed.

It noted that Tehran would attend the extraordinary Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit on Jerusalem in Turkey, adding that it had prepared a programme to support the Palestinian cause.

On the Saudi-Iranian relationship, the ministry pointed out: “There has been no change or development in our relations with Saudi Arabia,” adding “Saudi Arabia is still pursuing a wrong approach with its neighbouring countries in the region.”

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The only way to end the Yemen crisis, the ministry added, is to stop the Saudi aggression, noting that Iran has not provided Yemen with missiles.

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  • Akikur Rahman

    As a Sunni Muslim myself i feel very bad about what Saudi Arab and some other puppet regime in Middle East are doing just killing peoples shame on them for kissing Israeli s feet and thinking America is their friend.
    Saudi Arabia should be the leader in Muslim world but they do not have the brain nor they will have ever to lead any one

  • O the game of monetary chess, intriguing.

  • Quaid Ali

    House of Sauds are the biggest shame for Muslims, specially the new crown Prince is a power hunger.

  • Christian Weller

    I can not stop thanking you about your good job. False information has killed the image of our good president Trump. CNN,bcc, etc. Am from Nigeria and am in support of all the best that trump is doing. In fact I don’t know how to come to America and campaigns support for him. Mine number is +2348100929003

  • Christian Weller

    Arab should embrace the Truth..and the can never be in peace. Trump has made a move to show the world those Arab nations that owns and sponsors and support terrorist in the whole world. Soon all the Arab will join together to fight Israel and USA with his allies. But that would fall. Soon terrorist will over through their pms


    Don’t claim something that you are not entitled to. Jerusalem has been capital for Israel for more than 3000 years; How many holy sites do you need any way? Saudi understand that they will never allow any other religion to take over mecca, Why would they do it to others?

    • Shah

      Not according to revised history. Besides isralis arent even jewish their european. Check the balfour agreement.the only reason the jews wrre allowed their was if they dnt harass palestinians