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‘What happened in Jerusalem will spread to Mecca,’ says Father Musallam

Senior Christian Priest in Ramallah Monsignor Manuel Musallam [Syrian news 1/Facebook]

A member of the Christian-Islamic Committee in support of Jerusalem and the Holy Places, Father Manuel Musallam, has warned that what has happened in Jerusalem will spread to Mecca.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Father Musallam has also warned that what happened in the holy city of Jerusalem will lead to a religious war, because Al-Aqsa Mosque will eventually fall down due to all the excavations Israel carries out underneath it.

“We call on the world to stop the religious expansion of Israel. We reject religious war, but if the war was imposed on us, we as Christians will stand with our Muslim brothers to resist this Zionist-Christian fundamentalist attack against Jerusalem and the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

He called on Muslim countries to provide the Palestinians with weapons to resist this attack.

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He has also described the decision by US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as “a war against Palestine and its people and Jerusalem directly” adding that Trump’s decision is a grave mistake.

“There is a missing link between the Palestinian people and their leadership,” he added. “The leadership is in one world and the people are in another world.”

He called on the Palestinian people to order the Palestinian factions to unite and adopt a new strategy based on the legitimate right of resistance to remove the occupation.

“Describing Jerusalem as Muslim or Christian is incorrect. We as Palestinians want Jerusalem to be Arab because it is Arab,” he added.

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  • Fasdunkle

    The biggest excavations on the Temple Mount in recent years were carried out by the waqf when they built the Marwani mosque

    • DEADP00L

      Why did Natanyahu attack the Israeli archeologists who published their findings? Why is it okay to be wrong about the Temple Mount but when its location turns out to be else where he has a fit? Just like with his obsession with King David he was wrong time and time again about its scale and punishes any Jewish figure that doesnt validate his dellusions.

      • Iain Hedley

        People should stop using the Bible, or events thousands of years ago, to justify inhumanity today. Israel is an apartied state and should not be tolerated as apartied South Africa was not tolerated.

        • DEADP00L

          I agree and many things will change when the reality on the ground changed form apartheid to a one bi-national state.

          • Israel_Reconquista

            Dream on. Without Gaza the One State will be 67% Jewish.

          • DEADP00L

            Thats not what the Israeli government thinks. Besides who cares if it is? Palestinians return to their motherland and all are free. Big deal.

          • Israel_Reconquista

            It’s a fact, based on demographic data from the PA itself (not the falsified census figures, but immigrant/emigrant & birth/death figures). Arabs in Judea & Samaria will benefit most from this One State scenario, since they will gain access to the entire country (which they deserve) and if Gaza comes to its senses, stops warring, and makes peace, Gazans will also be allowed into Israel without restriction.

        • Israel_Reconquista

          If only Israel treated the Arabs the way Arabs treat their enemies, well… ill leave that up to your imagination

          • Dow Jones

            Are you suggesting mass genocide paid for by american tax cattle for the entire ME? Actually that is precisely what the anglozionazi filth are doing or what are you on that blinds you to reality?

  • hersheys plz

    Allahuakbar! Father Musallam, you got the pure heart. Even you in different religious, but still you want to stand with the muslim to get Jerusalem back and to protest against the Trump decision. MashaAllah. May Allah guide you to the right path. Allah bless you sir.

    • ChicoBones

      After you get Jerusalem back you will Decapitate him. ISIS style, wouldn’t you? We know how tolerant you Terrorists are. Uhm@…

    • Elyas Johl Dzeckor

      Typical half-educated Arab proselytizing the same semi-literate ol’ libtard message, and then dragging God’s name into it, as if this is justification. Maybe you should be thinking about why Allah has blessed the Jewish people so well instead of blaming your problems on The Christians. May Allah have mercy on you bastards.

  • Israel_Reconquista

    Jerusalem is Arab? Thats pretty funny.

    Jerusalem is a city of conquest for Arabs. They had it for a long time and never made it a capital of “Palestine”. In contrast, Jerusalem is the heart and soul of the Jewish people, and no one can deny that.

    • ChicoBones

      AMEN to that.

  • I personally think the Christians of the Middle East should at least remain neutral in any dispute between the Jews and Muslims, openly taking sides like this only helps escalate religious tensions and hatred.

    • abu antar

      Anyone can voice an opinion.As to your comment,one must realize the reality in which christian Arabs live in.In Muslim dominated societies, Christians “need” to demonstrate solidarity or else…
      Didn’t do the Coptic in Egypt much good, though.

    • Da GRIFFIN

      Allow them bro, he still has a lot to learn about their intolerance, as soon as they ain’t looking, the dagger goes right in the Christian back, why?! They Christians… Infidels….

    • Kelly Kelly

      Can other Religions be neutral.

  • Fred Mace

    Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. That is a permanent fact.

    • charliematerne

      Since when?

  • Kelly Kelly

    Should Father Musallam not be sticking to his church and Religion and stay out of politics.

    • charliematerne

      The good father just proved he has no knowledge or belief in the words of the one he calls “Christ”

  • Mike Hoffman

    Did you just say honest jew?