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Israel arrests donkey in Jerusalem

Israeli military police arrested a donkey in a street in Jerusalem, the Shehab News Agency reported yesterday.

The news site said seven Israeli military police surrounded the donkey and arrested it in occupied Jerusalem.

They then detained it for some time before releasing it. No reason was given as to why it was being held, sources said.

Israeli occupation forces regularly arrest Palestinians without charge and confiscate their property in an effort to hinder their lives. International human rights organisations have repeatedly condemned Israel’s punitive measures against Palestinians.

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  • This is very interesting.

  • Jack Hamilton

    My guess? DNA evidence of IDF having their way with the donkey had to be eliminated! 😉

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Why? This is a Khazar donkey.

  • anarchyst

    jew perverts probably had their way with it

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      The donkey is now pregnant. The IDF are arresting Arab boys to blame it on.

  • mothman777

    They must have thought it was a sneaky goy soul inhabiting a Donkey body in the process of attempting to trying to bypass the Israeli Jewish security measures and infiltrate them. Jews actually believe that all goyim, all gentiles, are animal souls that can be held in the bodies of animals when required for certain purposes, or in humanoid-type bodies when required to do more complex work for the Jews, as Jews believe that they are God Himself, that ultimately, all Jews are one soul, that no other souls are part of God, and that the gentiles, the goyim, were only created to serve the Jews, and for no other purpose, so said the late Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who was head of the Israeli Shas Party, and a great freind of Netanyahu.

    But they do believe that they hold the power to dictate and control where everyone, including themselves, reincarnate, and that Jews always reincarnate as Jews, escaping and remaining beyond the law of karma (which they really do) by the black magic blood sacrifice ritual known as kapparot, that they use to transpose their own karma onto non-Jewish souls, so that the non-Jewish souls are made to suffer the results of all the bad karma of the Jews in their place. But the Jews cannot ever leave the material world as a consequence, so they ‘gain the world but lose their soul’, never actually being able to enter the true spiritual world as long as they agree to this trade off, until they decide to quit the materialistic megalomia death cult of being Jews and get truly spiritual again.

    • abu antar

      I bow to your knowledge.You surely must be a certified rabbi or at least a brilliant talmud scholar.
      Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us.

      • mothman777

        Simply research the sites of the Jews themselves, and see what they believe in, and rabbis themselves have spoken words that support everything I said.

        You may choose to believe or disbelieve this, but some years ago, a Jew in Israel cursed another Jew to be reborn as a dog, you know, the old thing like a witch curses someone to become a frog. Anyway, this dog actually got taken to court, and the Jewish judge in Israel accepted that the soul of the dog really was the soul of a Jew who had been cursed to be reincarnated in that body, and the Jewish judge sentenced the dog to death, though possibly, the judge was attempting to liberate the Jewish soul from the body of a dog, because, according to Jewish religious understanding, only non-Jewish souls are meant to inhabit the bodies of animals and other species.

        The Talmud states that Gentiles are animal souls, pigs or cows, as in “Do not cast pearls before swine”, I guess at the time when ‘Jesus’ was saying “do not go amongst the Gentiles or the Samaritans”, though I do not believe Jesus was a genuine fuigure, though I keep well informed about the Judaic religion.

        I believe in Krishna by the way, with there being immense historical evidence for His existence and activities proven,The most recent incarnation of Krishna was in 1486 in Mayapur West Bengal, with huge amounts of literature being compiled contemporaneously.

        A few years ago, I witnessed two rabbinical men on British television, at two separate venues on two different dates, saying to the inteviewer that it is true that the Jewish religion intends to literally destroy all other religions, because they consider only the Jewish religion to hold any truth and be the genuine religion.

        The Jewish Noahide Laws, already on statute in the US since 1991, though not yet effected until all countries have them together, and sufficient military strength is built to physically enact them and get away with it, state that any and all persons following any religion deemed idolatrous by the Judaic laws, those being intended to be worldwide, will be subject to being physically decapitated, so add together all such religions and you get around 6 billion people, and then you get the other religions, also to be destroyed, and then you get the peoples who decide not to allow those laws on statute in their countries anyway, whose populations also are all then scheduled to be killed. Just about everybody else who is not Jewish really.

        So yes, I keep a keen eye on that particular cult. That is why, whenever people reveal very substantial evidence that exposes the Jews, they get attacked or their words are simply deleted, and why very powerful legislation is constantly brought into being to threaten anyone who exposes the Jews with imprisonment for ‘anti-semitism’.

        • abu antar

          I don’t engage in theological arguments.I practice religion and treat it as a private matter,like my pay cheque.I don’t flaunt it and don’t try and “convert” anyone.Each to his own.
          That said, i think you are very impressionable and believe everything that is put in front of you.Jewdaism deserves the same respect as your religion.When someone claims that “my religion is the true religion” and “my god has a bigger than yours” ,or naming a religion a “cult”,that is the cause to religion/race wars.

          You insult the readers with the BS of a dog taken to court.I researched it.
          A dog wandered into a religious court in Jerusalem, caused havoc and was taken away by animal control officials. This is how blood libels begin, get a life of its own and feed on the emotions of conspiracy morons.
          At least in Islam we don’t bow to pictures and statues.

          • mothman777

            You claim to be a Muslim yet obsessively defend Judaism, I come across your hasbara type often. The account of the dog is true, you are being deliberately disingenuous over the issue to mislead people.

          • abu antar

            What i wrote was, that any person’s religion, is a private matter and not something to flaunt and use to demean someone else.
            I care for Jews as much as i care for sun worshipers. Both don’t affect my life.
            As for the dog, here’s a copy/paste from the BBC.

            Jerusalem court denies dog condemned to stoning

            20 June 2011

            Reports that a Jewish rabbinical court in Israel condemned a stray dog to death by stoning have been strongly denied.

            The source of the report, Israel’s Maariv newspaper, apologised for its headline and for any offence caused.

            The head of the court, Yehoshua Levin, was quoted by Maariv as saying: “There is no basis for abuse of animals from the side of Jewish Halacha [law].”

            In a statement, the court denied that a dog had been condemned.

            A dog had entered the court and been removed, it said.

            The story was reported in the Israeli and international press, including the BBC News website.

            The original reports said that the dog entered the Jerusalem financial court several weeks ago and would not leave.

            It was reported that the dog reminded a judge of a curse passed on a now deceased secular lawyer about 20 years ago, when judges bid his spirit to enter the body of a dog. The animal was said to have escaped before the sentence was carried out.

            An animal welfare organisation filed a complaint with the police against a court official.

            And from the Time magazine June 18,2011.

            UPDATE: According to Hebrew news sources, the story originally published in the Behadrei Haredim newspaper may not have been based on factual reporting. The court denies the sentence was ever handed down, claiming the only action taken against the dog was in calling animal control officials to remove the dog.

          • mothman777

            Come on, you don’t really believe the BBC or a Jewish Rabbinical Court do you?

          • Rattlerjake

            You, mothman777 and abu antar are arguing over complete nonsense. First of all there is only one God and belief in that one God is the only “belief” that is important. Both of you speak of your religious preference like it actually makes a difference. All “religions” emanated from the same original source, but all but one diverged into gods that don’t exist. That includes Judaism, Islam, Krishna, Catholicism, Mormonism, and a lot of Christian denominations. Many of those religions even contain some of the initial scripture of the Old Testament, like the Jewish Tora and Islamic Quran, but because they do NOT believe in the Holy scripture in it’s entirety and have changed their belief to something entirely different, they are NOT true believers in God or Jesus Christ. The Jews were even cursed by God and allowed to be conquered by the Babylonians and then dispersed throughout other nations because they were worshiping Remphan, which is why they still use the six pointed star as their symbol.
            mothman777, I have to say you are an extremely gullible individual to actually believe some of the crap you wrote, when a little further research would prove much of it as garbage!
            In your case, abu antar, your belief that your religion is private shows that YOU are likely ashamed of your religion because God has said that we are to spread the gospel; but he didn’t say to FORCE others to believe, because he gave everyone the freedom to make their own choice. What that tells me is that all of those people who choose wrongly are not good enough to join him in eternity.