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Gaza is dying and, for some, war is no longer the worst option, claims Israeli report

A Palestinian woman prepares food for her children at her home in a poverty-stricken quarter of al-Zaytoon in Gaza City on 17 September 2013 [Ezz Zanoun/Apaimages]

Israel’s Walla! website has warned that the unprecedented deterioration of living conditions in the Gaza Strip may lead to the outbreak of another war. This, it said, may in turn hinder Palestinian reconciliation, despite the fact that neither Hamas nor Israel want this escalation.

Walla! has reported that at a time when Israel is looking for the party which fired mortar shells on Wednesday, the residents of the Gaza Strip are living in a state of desperation and frustration due to the difficult economic conditions. These have intensified since the supposed reconciliation deal put together in Cairo, in part because the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has refused to lift the sanctions that it has imposed on Gaza for more than 8 months.

“Three mortar missiles were fired on Wednesday in open spaces in Gaza,” said the anonymous Walla! report. “You don’t need to be an intelligence officer to understand that there are parties in Gaza that want a military escalation and war against Israel. It is not important who they are; what is important is why? The answer is very simple: the humanitarian situation is increasingly deteriorating and war does not seem to be a bad option in their opinion.”

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