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Israel discovers 500,000-year-old archaeological site

Stone parts of a huge statue, possibly symbolising Ramses II, are being unearthed after they were discovered at the ancient Heliopolis archaeological site in Cairo, Egypt, March 13, 2017 ( Ibrahim Ramadan/Anadolu Agency )
People gather at an archaeological site [İbrahim Ramadan/Anadolu Agency]

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a 500,000-year-old archaeological site which extends over an area of ​​10 dunums (0.01 square kilometres) during excavations near the town of Jaljulia, northeast of Tel Aviv, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

The channel said archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Archaeology Department at Tel Aviv University found hundreds of thousands of artefacts on the site, hundreds of which were hand-made.

“The site is very important and interesting and was like a paradise in prehistoric times. Everything people needed to live at the time was available here,” the channel quoted the head of the Department of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, Professor Ran Barkai, as saying.  “It was a perfect spot for humans.”

Barkai pointed out that the site is considered “unique” because few sites which date back to this period have been discovered in the region.

Palestinian lawyer and rights activist, Jihad Abu Raya, has warned that Israel could use the discovery to confiscate Palestinian lands and property in the area under the pretext of carrying out more excavations.

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