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Israel discovers 500,000-year-old archaeological site

Stone parts of a huge statue, possibly symbolising Ramses II, are being unearthed after they were discovered at the ancient Heliopolis archaeological site in Cairo, Egypt, March 13, 2017 ( Ibrahim Ramadan/Anadolu Agency )
People gather at an archaeological site [İbrahim Ramadan/Anadolu Agency]

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a 500,000-year-old archaeological site which extends over an area of ​​10 dunums (0.01 square kilometres) during excavations near the town of Jaljulia, northeast of Tel Aviv, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

The channel said archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Archaeology Department at Tel Aviv University found hundreds of thousands of artefacts on the site, hundreds of which were hand-made.

“The site is very important and interesting and was like a paradise in prehistoric times. Everything people needed to live at the time was available here,” the channel quoted the head of the Department of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, Professor Ran Barkai, as saying.  “It was a perfect spot for humans.”

Barkai pointed out that the site is considered “unique” because few sites which date back to this period have been discovered in the region.

Palestinian lawyer and rights activist, Jihad Abu Raya, has warned that Israel could use the discovery to confiscate Palestinian lands and property in the area under the pretext of carrying out more excavations.

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  • TJ

    Considering the Palestine as we know it today is overrun with squatters.

    • Kaminoyona

      Yes Israel is infested with leftover enemy Jordanian squatters.

  • Martolt

    Wow. 500,000 years? That is going back some. Can’t wait to read more details and to see some pictures. I do wonder about the statement that “hundreds of thousands of artefacts on the site, hundreds of which were hand-made.” Does this infer that the other artifacts were machine-made? (Humor alert for the sardonically impaired).

    As to Palestine, in the interests of peace, East Jerusalem should be the capital of Arab Palestine, and West Jerusalem could be the capital of Israeli Palestine. The entire city should be under monitoring by a neutral third party, such as Buddhists under UN auspices. Just my zwei pennig.

    • I personally prefer a universal democracy should be established in the Levant instead of a Jewish or an Islamic state, one under which both Jews and Arabs can live together with equal rights for all, and which Jerusalem serves as the united capital of their new nation.

      • Kaminoyona

        Unfortunately Muslims won’t allow Jews to live there.

        • Helen4Yemen

          You will have a very hard time explaining how the Spanish
          Jews fled towards Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia
          where they remained for 500 years. Why did they go there
          and who forced them to stay for centuries, right?

          The Ashkenazi = European!


      • Helen4Yemen

        Therefore, the white man arrived deceptively calling himself “Israelite’, takes land by force and then is rewarded with living side by side with the natives in peace?

    • Kaminoyona

      It’s called Israel,”palestine” was a word invented by the Romans to disassociate the land of Judea from the Jews.

      • Helen4Yemen

        Well, the white man who is 100% of European ancestry called the land “Israel” and himself “Israeli” as a way to deceive the world that the white man is descended from Abraham. DNA found not even a tiny drop of Abraham’s blood, zero.


        • Kaminoyona

          Sorry but I do not adhere to the fairy tales of religion and surely you could post a better source then an Imgur image LOL!

          BTW I never knew they found Abraham’s remains to draw dna from or any proof of his existence for that matter!

          BTW “helen” your Arabs migrated there after the early Jewish settlers were invited by the Ottoman who controlled the lands,there is no mention of any Arabs being there who called themselves “palestinians” in fact back in those days Jews were called “palestinians”.

          History does not lie , Muslims do.

    • Mustafa Alzobier

      Africans where the only spicie at that time.

  • 500,000 years? What a nonsense. The more 100,000’s of years, the more spectacular. This is scientific hallucination. The Human race is only 60,000 years old.

    • BradleyHill

      6,000 years old….The bible has a timeline

      • Please tell where do I find this time line. Because the world didn’t start with Noah. It started much earlier.
        Indeed as you say (if I understand you correct) the current period started 6000 before Christ.

      • CharlaS

        The Nephilim were here with humans much longer in the pre-flood world that wiped out the hybrid Nephilim-human descendants.

    • James Hartley

      Actually we’re at least 200,000 years old and that is just our species.

      As for the YEC bloke get a life even with the bible you have to add in the Torah and with that it brings about 10000 years
      and we (The Earth) is clearly well over that

      • I don’t understand the relationship between the 10,000 years in the Torah and your 200,000 years. On which is the latter based? Thx.

        • James Hartley

          According to most if not all sources I look up our species is around 200,000 years old. This was to your 60,000 years of the human race.

          As for the 10,000 that was in response to BradleyHill and his supposed 6000 age of the earth.

          I was pointing out to him that the Torah is part or the christian bible history and came before it and according to it the world needs to be around 10,000 years old

          As if the Torah is to be believed there were 950 generations before Adam of the bible. NOw my number maybe wrong but is still larger and more accurate than his bs little number.

          Tho it doesn’t really matter as the earth is 4.5 billion and the universe is 13.5 billion years old thus killing his puny little number

          • You: “it doesn’t really matter as the earth is 4.5 billion and the universe is 13.5 billion years old thus killing his (and mine) puny little number”.
            IMO you are much more accurate than those hallucinating “scientists” who throw billions of years in the air as these were ping pong balls. The more billions, the more they feel admired. Fantasy is great for their career. They think they can measure it, but don’t have a check on it because a check in reality is simply not possible.
            All in all: scientific bogus.

          • Kaminoyona

            What religion says is bogus,science proves things when will religion do that?

  • BradleyHill

    500,000 years old. What ever happened to the usual 4 to 5
    million/billion years old theory? Evolution has been proven to be
    false. The world is 6,500 years old, TOPS. I can prove it from the
    bible. The bible has a timeline. Evolution does NOT!

    • James Hartley

      The bible also says the earth is flat

      • To be honest, it is not the only religion which has said so.

    • Kaminoyona

      When was evolution proved false?
      Actually it was proved to be fact and its the law here in the USA.

      Check out the Dover trials for more info.

    • Alejandro Quintana

      I’m sorry, Bradley, just because something is written in the Bible, or in any other book, does not mean that it is true. With that same logic, I can say, Evolution is real and I can prove it: it is written in The Origin of Species.

  • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

    >Is seventy trillion years old. {proper sum of a trillion} not your made up stuff.

  • Kaminoyona

    Surely a typo.

  • If only the two opposing sides could put aside their differences and work on unearthing more of their shared ancient legacy in the Holy Land.

    • Kaminoyona

      I don’t think either are related to those stone aged men though the “palestinains” are on the same mental level as those cavemen.

      The Arab Muslim legacy in that region is one of invaders and it’s not that ancient.

      • Helen4Yemen

        The Palestinians are indigenous and their DNA is Middle Eastern while that of the Ashkenaz is “European-Jewish”. Is that not code for Khazar? If not, what else is it?

        European genetic groups (ancestry dot com)

        14 Iberian
        15 Great Britain
        16 Italy/Greece
        17 Ireland
        18 Europe East
        19 Europe West
        20 Scandinavia
        21 Finland/Northwest Russia
        22 European Jewish

        • Kaminoyona

          No fool Arabs are not indigenous to that region.
          BTW you do know that 50% of the Jews in Israel are Jews who originate from the Middle east ya?
          These Jews were forced to flee for their lives from their homes In Muslim nations where they resided for many many centuries some even were in those nations before your bloodthirsty warlord Mohammad was born.

          So your whole thing about Israeli Jews is off.

          Embrace reality.

    • Helen4Yemen

      95% of world Jewry = Ashkenzi = European.

      Can you tell me how Europeans have a “shared ancient legacy”

      with the indigenous people of Palestine?


      • You’ve posted the same thing six or seven times in the same comment section. Are you okay?

        • Helen4Yemen

          I see only one! You been drinking … or sniffing … or …?

  • Helen4Yemen

    Is any Ashkenazi = Israelite? NO!


  • Mustafa Alzobier

    The only people that exited that far back where Africans point plank.

    • Mustafa Alzobier

      Nubs as they where/what’s in a name

      • H Mokhbat

        Mustafa Alzobier: How can I tell that only African existed then? You are not an evolutionist aren’t you?

        • Mustafa Alzobier

          Mokbat evolved is the term ur using, the term I used was Africans and nubs which mean beginners

          • Mustafa Alzobier

            I know there not Sapian have you seen the the humanoids of that era? They look exactly like Some modern day Africans

          • Mustafa Alzobier

            now if u can refute my statement and say they looked Any thing other then closer to African.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The Ashkenazi does say he is a hybrid of European women and Israelite men?

    What level of his supposed Israelite genes now remain?

    a) 50/50 Israelite/European?

    b) 75/25 Israelite/European

    c) 25/75 Israelite/European

    d) 99/0 Israelite/European

    e) 0/99 Israelite/European

    The correct answer is e)

  • Mustafa Alzobier

    I responded yet it does not post smh nubs = beginner