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Israel targets polygamy to stop Arab population increasing

January 9, 2018 at 12:55 pm

Wedding rings [Sophia Charlotte/Flickr]

In an attempt to prevent the natural increase within the Arab population, and under the pretext of combatting polygamy in the country, the Israeli Justice Ministry announced its intention to impose punitive measures against men who marry more than one woman.

This will be carried out by stopping and reducing child and family allowances granted by the National Insurance Institute.

The ministry made the proposal last week during a government session where it discussed and addressed the Arab community in the Negev.

For over seven years now, Israel has been targeting the negev and its Arab population in an effort to force them off their property to make way for Jewish only communities.

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Israel does not recognise a number of the villages in the area even though they existed before the State of Israel was established or were set up over 50 years ago. This means thousands of residents are not connected to the national grid and do not have a regular supply of water.

The village of Al-Araqeeb has been demolished 122 times, and the village leader has been jailed for allowing residents to rebuild their homes.

Authorities have also imposed fines on the villagers worth millions of dollars, Quds Press said, and charges them for the use of the Israeli bulldozers which carry out the demolition of their homes.