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Marzouki: The UAE and Israel killed the Arab Spring

Tunisia’s former president Moncef Marzouki [file photo]

Former Tunisian president Mohamed Moncef Marzouki has claimed that the UAE funded an Israeli plan to end the Arab Spring.

Marzouki warned against chaos spreading in the region, following the disastrous situation in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere.

In an interview with the electronic newspaper Masr al-Arabia, the former Tunisian president called for a boycott on the presidential elections in Egypt scheduled for next March. Marzouki said that there would be no recognition between Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian regime of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Marzouki suggested that recent protests in Tunisia relate to disappointment with the failures of the government to improve the economic situation in the country since the revolution.

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He added: “During my presidency, we treated the protests as people’s right to demonstrate. Today, the public perception is one of tyranny, which is the same it used before the revolution. However, now, as in the past, through interferences and active incitement, peaceful protests can suddenly turn into deliberate acts of burning and plundering that  trigger people’s fear of chaos and justify repression, since the authority has nothing to provide but lies and new fake promises.”

He went on to explain, “Those who think that the Arab Spring is over, are dreaming. When the social volcanoes are charged as we are today with the exacerbation of economic, political, environmental, and psychological crisis, then the issue will just be about the time when the volcanoes will explode again.”

Speaking of what Tunisia has so far achieved on the seventh anniversary of the revolution, Marzouki replied: “A suspended constitution, threatened freedoms, and the return of an old regime which has learned nothing from its mistakes”. He said “Imagine that this president is still working with the programme of the 1950s, thinking that his son, whom he introduced as the head of the ruling party could succeed him. In addition, this man, who will soon turn 93, still sends signals about his wish to run for the 2019 presidential elections”.

Earlier in January, Marzouki stated that counter-revolutions in the Arab world, had been planned for and managed in Israel and funded by the United Arab Emirates.

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