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Two Hadi loyalists killed in US drone strike

Smoke rises after a US drone strike was carried out in Yemen [demolinariā€/Twitter]

A leader in the Yemeni resistance loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi has said that two members of the Yemeni resistance were killed yesterday in an air strike likely to have been a US drone in the province of Al-Baidah in central Yemen.

Mohammed Al-Ghunaimi told Anadolu news agency that the paramedics were unable to recover the wounded, fearing that the drone would carry out a second air strike.

Al-Ghunaimi called on President Hadi and the Arab coalition forces to stop targeting the resistance in Al-Baidah.

"We are sure the Americans conducted the air strike. They always bomb us and accuse us of being Al-Qaeda," he said.

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