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Morocco dismantles 7 member Daesh cell

Daesh militants [Pakistan Defence/Facebook]
Daesh militants [Pakistan Defence/Facebook]

Morocco’s counterterrorism agency has dismantled a terror cell made up of seven members loyal to Daesh.

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) conducted the arrest operations in the cities of Tangier and Meknes, according to the interior ministry. The cell members were allegedly plotting to join a branch of Daesh and were active in spreading terrorist propaganda.

The group was also in the middle of planning attacks on civilians, damaging private property and undermining public order, according to the ministry. During the arrests various electronic devices and bladed weapons were seized.

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The suspects will be detained during the investigation and tried later.

In 2017, Moroccan authorities initiated a number of crackdowns and busted nine terror cells, arresting 189 terror suspects and 20 returning foreign fighters.

Since the creation of BCIJ, 50 cells that were planning to carry out attacks in the country have been dismantled and 92 Moroccan foreign fighters who joined terrorist groups abroad have been arrested.