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Israel stops 87 Palestinians leaving West Bank

Palestinians wait to travel through Al-Karama Crossing (Allenby) in to Jordan [Shadi Hatem/Apaimages]

Israeli occupation authorities in January prevented 87 Palestinians from travelling through Al-Karama Crossing (Allenby) in to Jordan, Quds Press reported yesterday.

In a statement, Palestinian police said that the 87 Palestinians were prevented from travel on security grounds by the Israeli occupation, no further details were given.

Some 200,000 travellers used the terminal last month, they added.

Additionally, 206 Palestinians were arrested at the crossing last week as they tried to leave or enter the occupied West Bank.

Israel opened the crossing following its occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem in 1967 to control the movement of Palestinians in and out of the occupied territories. It has become the sole gateway for Palestinians to the outside world through Amman international airport.

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