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Official: Iran considers Iraq, Syria armies as strategic depth

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Hossein Salami has described the Iraqi and Syrian armies as Tehran's "strategic depth".

"Iran has the ability to confront America, and has knowledge about the level of strength of all air and sea bases around Iran," Salami said on Iranian state TV on Saturday.

According to the General, Iran considers the military option against it a reality, however he explained that "the Syrian and Iraqi armies are the strategic defensive depth of Iran, and the best strategy to engage with the enemy is in areas far from Iran".

Iran expanded its influence in the Iraqi army by supporting the establishment of the Shia- Popular Mobilisation Forces which have been fighting alongside the Iraqi army against Daesh.

Moreover, Iran has been a main ally of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al- Assad.

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