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Egypt imposes death penalty for use of explosives in terrorist attacks

Egypt's parliament approved amendments to the penal code yesterday, stipulating the death penalty should be used against those convicted of possessing, importing or making explosive devices, Anadolu Agency reported.

According to a statement issued by the House of Representatives, the country's unicameral legislative body, the amendments have passed, increasing the strictness of sentences for crimes related to explosives.

The new legislation stipulates that those convicted of possessing, importing or making explosives without obtaining prior licensing may be handed a prison sentence that could range from three to 25 years in prison (a life sentence as per Egyptian law), but either the death penalty or a life sentence is to be issued if the explosives are actually used in a "terrorist attack".

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Prior to the amendment Egyptian law imposed the life sentence on those convicted of possessing, importing or manufacturing explosives and those convicted of using explosives in attacks that endanger people's lives.

In the past several years Egypt has seen a series of attacks that targeted military and police personnel. Militant groups active in the Sinai Peninsula, such as the Daesh affiliate Wilayat Sinai, have claimed responsibility for many of these.

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