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Israeli government approves army plan to replace US carrier

Israeli army take part in military drill exercises [FlickR]
Israeli army take part in military drill exercises [FlickR]

The Israeli ministerial committee for security affairs approved yesterday an army plan to replace its US armoured personal carrier with a new one developed in Israel, Quds Press reported.

Quds Press said that the Israeli army is to use the new wheeled armoured personal carrier Eitan to replace the obsolete American M113, which failed during the 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza.

The new carrier carries a full squad of troops and relies on a combination of sensors and small dynamic interceptors to stop incoming RPGs and missiles.

Israeli news website Wallah said that the decision to use the Eitan carrier came as part of the plan to develop the military equipment used by the Israeli army.

The development of the Israeli army personal carrier is also part of Gideon Plan, aimed at developing the capabilities of the Israeli army.

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