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Oman announces discovery of 4 trillion cubic feet gas reservoir

Image of a gas processing plant [file photo]
Gas processing plant [file photo]

The Managing Director of the state owned Oman Petroleum Development Company (PDO) Raoul Restucci announced yesterday the discovery of a large gas reservoir with recoverable amounts estimated at more than 4 trillion cubic feet (TCF) and 112 million barrels of condensate.

The announcement came during the Omani Ministry of Oil and Gas annual conference.

Restucci said the discovery will support the Sultanate’s economic growth and help meet the growing demand for gas from consumers for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

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Restucci explained that the average government daily gas supply during 2017 was 76.64 million m3/d which is lower than the targeted level of 83 million m3/d.

Oman owns about 60 per cent of Oman Petroleum Development. The company has 130 oilfields and 14 natural gas fields.

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