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Pope deeply disturbed by lack of efforts to bring peace to Syria

April 15, 2018 at 12:42 pm

Pope Francis called on world leaders on Sunday to renew efforts to bring peace to Syria, saying he was deeply troubled by their failure to agree on a joint plan to end the bloodshed.

“I appeal again to all the political leaders, so that justice and peace prevail,” he said in his weekly address to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, adding:

I am deeply disturbed by the current world situation, in which, despite the tools available to the international community, it is difficult to agree on a common action in favour of peace in Syria and other regions of the world

Last Sunday, the pope denounced a reported gas attack in Syria as an unjustifiable use of “instruments of extermination“.

The United States, France and Britain fired dozens of missiles early Saturday to strike at Syria’s chemical weapons program, the biggest intervention yet by Western countries against Syria, which is backed by Russia and Iran.

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