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Morocco pleased with FIFA Inspection Committee’s visit regarding its bid for 2026 World Cup

Image of FIFA flag [Thomas Couto/Flickr]
FIFA flag [Thomas Couto/Flickr]

“FIFA’s Inspection Committee has been impressed with the infrastructure of his country and the planned projects in order to be able to host the World Cup,” said Moulay Hafid Elalamy, head of the committee responsible for Morocco’s bid to host the 2026 football World Cup.

The statement came during a press conference, held on Friday in Casablanca, on the details of the visit of the International Federation Inspection Committee “Task Force” to Morocco, on 17-19 April.

Elalamy confirmed that the outcome of the visit by the Evaluation Task Force “was positive and its members were satisfied with the explanations given to them.”

He claimed that the committee responsible for the “Morocco 2026” file provided explanations to the Task Force members, particularly those related to investments which will be carried out by the country to strengthen the infrastructure.

He added: “The committee had a series of positive comments, especially after its members noticed the involvement of the government in providing investment, and the passion that characterises Moroccans as well as the great development that the country is witnessing.”

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Regarding the observations of Task Force, which were directed to the committee responsible for the nomination of Morocco file, Elalamy asserted that “the Committee’s criticisms are about the stadiums to host the World Cup, which contain track and field athletics arenas.”

The Chairman of the “Morocco 2026” committee stressed that the FIFA members considered that those stadiums do not meet the International Federation’s standards, as the stadiums with less than 40,000 seats should not include track and field athletics arenas.”

On the sudden visits by the members of the Committee to some cities and stadiums, Elalamy clarified that “the committee has the right to add some visit points that were not planned.”

He stressed that the visit was also an opportunity for the local committee “to communicate more with FIFA members,” especially since a lot of criticism has been directed at the Task Force before its visit to Morocco.

On 16 March, Morocco officially submitted its candidacy file for the FIFA World Cup 2026.

Morocco will compete for the World Cup, along with a joint US, Canadian and Mexican file. FIFA members will vote on 13 June for the country which will have the honour of its organisation.

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