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Palestinian government calls for declaring East Jerusalem capital of Palestine

May 14, 2018 at 12:21 am

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a meeting of the Palestinian leadership at his compound in the West Bank [Issam Rimawi/Apaimages]

The official spokesman of the Palestinian government, Youssef Al-Mahmoud, has called on the countries around the world that believe in freedom, peace and stability as well as those who do care of upholding the resolutions of international legitimacy to declare East Jerusalem the capital of the State of Palestine.

“This call came in the face of blatant ignorance of the legitimacy and international laws that has been made by the continuation of the occupation and US President Donald Trump’s decision regarding moving the US embassy to Jerusalem,” Mahmoud said in a statement Sunday.

In that context, he called for the rejection and condemnation of Tramp’s decision to transfer his country’s embassy to the occupied Jerusalem on the 70th tragic anniversary of the Nakba of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation.

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