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Middle East will be under Israel surveillance by 2025, claims ex-intel chief

Former head of intelligence at the Israel army, Aharon Zeevi Farkash [International Institute for Counter-Terrorism - ICT/Facebook]

The entire Middle East region will be under Israel’s surveillance by 2025, the former head of intelligence at the Israel army has claimed.

Speaking at an intelligence conference in Tel Aviv yesterday, Aharon Zeevi Farkash revealed that at least 10,000 satellites would provide the state of Israel with constant video surveillance on its neighbours in the region.

The ramped-up surveillance will allegedly enable the Israeli military to conduct more efficiently targeted killings of those they deem to be a threat “at any time and any place”, Farkash claimed.

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Other rapid advances of Israeli intelligence capabilities include the fact that they will soon reach a point where they will be able to immediately convert oral communication into digital form, which will then be sent for immediate use by the navy, air force and ground forces.

While praising Israel’s supremacy in intelligence from the air, Farkash admitted that it lacks that supremacy of intelligence on the ground, stressing that “we will not be able to stop rockets against us until we gain ground warfare supremacy”.

These new claims on developing intelligence for ground forces comes a day after the Israel army shot thousands of unarmed Palestinian protestors on the border with Gaza. Palestinians were demonstrating as part of the ongoing Great March of Return which began on 30 March. As a result of Israel’s over-reactive response, over 60 protestors were killed and over 2,700 injured as occupation forces indiscriminately used live fire, tear gas, and firebombs on the protestors.

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