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Jordanian medical team performs surgeries in Gaza

Injuries in hospital in Gaza on 16 May, 2018 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]
A Palestinian protester is in hospital receiving medical treatment after being attacked by Israeli forces in Gaza on 16 May, 2018 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

A medical team of specialized surgeons from the Jordanian Royal Medical Services has performed several complex surgeries on Saturday at Al-Shifa Hospital, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip.

"A number of surgeries have been performed on a number of wounded people, including orthopaedic, arterial and plastic surgeries," said senior anaesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Dr. Jamal al-Rahaima.

He went on saying that the medical team will classify the cases according to their degree of severity, and that some of them will be transferred from Al-Shifa Hospital to the Jordan field hospital Gaza 53 if necessary. Al-Rahaima noted that critical and difficult cases will be transferred to the Royal Medical Services, adding that the medical team will continue its duty towards the citizens of the Gaza Strip by performing the necessary operations.

The medical team arrived recently to support the field hospital Gaza 53 in order to face the increasing number of patients due to recent events in the Gaza Strip and to carry out the humanitarian and medical responsibility towards citizens and brothers in the Gaza Strip.

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