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Brotherhood official: Egypt is arresting opponents in search of its lapsed legitimacy

Ibrahim Munir, Deputy General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood
Ibrahim Munir, Deputy General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood stressed that “the campaign of arrests carried out by the Egyptian security authorities against a number of opposition activists and the resumption of talk about the Brotherhood scarecrow and terrorism are part of the current regime’s search for a lapsed and terminated legitimacy.

”Deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ibrahim Munir, said in an interview with Quds Press that “the Egyptian regime, after failing to pin the crime of terrorism on the Brotherhood, resumed the campaign of arrests against its opponents at home.”

Munir pointed out that “opposition political activist Hazem Abdel-Azim, who was arrested by the State Security Prosecution on Sunday, is not affiliated with the Brotherhood but is one of the opponents who the regime bans from freedom of expression.”

On Sunday, security services ordered the imprisonment of political activist Abdel-Azim for 15 days pending an investigation. He was charged with joining a group founded contrarily to the provisions of the law and issuing fake news about the country’s political and economic situation.

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The Brotherhood’s deputy leader said that “the campaign of arrests led by the authorities in Egypt against its opponents reflects the regime’s confusion and its failure to establish its legitimacy at home and abroad.”

“The role of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is over, after he failed to achieve any legitimacy on the ground, and failed to convince people of his policies. He is once again trying to revive the scarecrow of the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism, which is a used and abused scarecrow that no longer convinces anyone.”

Munir denied any relationship Abdul-Azim had links to the Brotherhood, and said:

Al-Sisi does not accept criticism or objection to his internal or foreign policies.

“We call on the European countries to assume their responsibility. They supported Al-Sisi at the beginning and they are partners in everything that is happening in Egypt today,” he added.   Human rights defenders accuse the Al-Sisi’s regime of violating freedoms and silencing dissidents. He is also accused of launching a broad campaign against opposition members, which is described as the worst in Egypt’s history. Al-Sisi has previously denying the existence of political prisoners in the country.

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