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Sudan opposition to boycott 2020 elections

Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir [Anadolu Agency]
Ousted Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir [Anadolu Agency]

The Sudanese opposition alliance announced on Monday that it will boycott the general elections scheduled in 2020 after the ruling party approved a new electoral law rejected by the alliance.

The alliance's media secretary, Mohamed Diyauddin said: "Boycotting the elections is a political process par excellence, and the positive boycott programme aims, through political mobility, to clarify the flaws in the new electoral law and the futility of the electoral process."

Member of the Communist Party, Siddiq Yusuf, said: "change through elections is a dead end", adding, "We must look for other ways, including the general political strike and mobilising the masses for change".

"There is no point in dialogue with the government. It is unreasonable to talk to the government while we aim to hold it accountable for what it has done against the Sudanese people," he said.

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Yusuf has expressed the alliance's rejection of the option to take up arms, stressing that "the coalition of national consensus forces is working to bring peaceful change".

The Sudanese cabinet approved the draft election law in preparation for its approval by parliament.

The coalition of opposition parties demanded an agreement on a new constitution prepared by a transitional government.

According to the new law the president, a candidate in future elections, would appoint an electoral commission and the head of the commission which many believe reduces the body's independence. In addition to this, voters would be allowed to use national numbers or professional cards to vote in the elections, which opens a wide door for fraud, critics have said.

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