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Thousands of prisoners to tackle Baccalaureate exams in Algeria

Prisoners in exam

Around 4,400 prisoners in Algeria are expected to sit for the Baccalaureate examinations next Wednesday, the Ministry of Justice has announced. The move, which has been approved by the Ministry of National Education, will cover all inmates held in 43 penal institutions across the country.

The ministry pointed out that the examinations, which are being supervised by the state-run National Examinations and Competition Office (ONEC), will commence at the Education and Rehabilitation Foundation in Al-Harrach.

Multi-subject support sessions have been organised to assist the prisoners ahead the final exams, the ministry noted. More than 700 teachers have been involved in the programme.

According to official data, the number of inmates in Algerian prisons registered to attend vocational training classes totalled 37,479 in February.

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